October 10, 2012

Inspiration Now!...off the wall
how cute are these fun and bright work spaces!? Who said you need a large space to create, write and proudly call your own.
All you need is a spare wall and off you go...  
I actually still need to share my new work space - I'm still waiting for my hubby to put up some art work in our new family room so I can take some photos.
I'm quite hopeless with measurements, hammers and nails.
I had to downsize my crafty area but not only did I get a small section in our new 'hangout' family room, I got a whole wall!  ...two walls actually as one is full of my beloved books!!
Im a happy girl!
* images Top:  image by Tia Borgsmidt - Bottom: via Bourbondaisy Tumblr

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  1. I love the bottom one - it's so cute! How's the Blogtoberfest going? I'll pop in again and read all the posts to date when I'm back from my holiday:-) Mel x


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