October 7, 2012

Easy Like a Sunday....

Come Sunday night I wish I had slowed down a little more over the weekend especially with the thought of the work week starting all over again...
Is Sunday your 'slow day'? or is it just another normal day for you? do you have pack as much as you can into your weekend?  

Sunday morning always starts slow for us, we even manage a sleep-in, if you call 7.30am
a sleep in, we read the Sunday papers, lounge around....I might do a load of washing but if the weather is great, we're out that door!...then come Sunday night Im wishing I had relaxed just a little more....

* top image by Anna Rustuccia
Middle image via SheWhoEats 
Bottom via Erin Beckman


  1. Same as you we like reading the papers and having a nice cooked breakfast on Sunday morning but like to be home by 4.30-5pm which my husband says is his favourite time of the week!

  2. I wish I could have had a lie in on Sunday. It was market day, so it was up at quarter to 6! I'm definitely NOT a morning person, so it was tough!

  3. Sunday are pretty full on for us too....the weekend s go all to quickly.xx


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