October 6, 2012

Just a minute in October

Reading... I took the boys to our local library last week so Ive borrowed  a few biographies - 'Dreams from my Father' by Barak Obama and 'Roots of Style' by
Isabel Toledo.
Im also still reading 'On Rue Tatin: Living and cooking in a French Town' - its a great read so far!
I also have a fresh batch of  magazines that are keeping me happy too! 

Listening...driving around in my car,  Ive been listening to 'Smooth FM 95.3 ' a good mix of 70s, 80s & 90s - Love.

Watching...I recently watched 'Moonrise Kingdom' and totally loved everything about it!!  I also watched TV series 'Puberty Blues' and it was great to watch some good TV, I'm actually sad its over now...

Buying... I bought a new skirt in a perky bright blue!  and I've been eyeing these summer sandals  

Loving... The feeling after my workout - I need to force myself to excercise but once my half an hour is done, Im one happy gal!! a great feeling!
Also loving this site 'An afternoon with...' some great creative New Yorkers...
and Instagram - im new to instagram follow me here @percivalroad

Wanting...  Food blogger 'What Katie Ate' has released her new cookbook - want want....its on my wish list! 

Images by me 
top - chilling out with my mags and a notebook to take notes!
Bottom - a little bit of Me! on instagram


  1. love the top photo :)

    I'm on the hunt for some new sandals too.

  2. I recently saw Moonrise Kingdom too. Great movie wasn't it? I'm inclined to do a Wes Anderson marathon soon. (Found you via Blogtoberfest)

  3. Just followed you in Instagram. I'm new to it too.
    I bought that magazine yesterday. I haven't bought Donna Hay for years but that cover just popped out at me.

  4. The books you memntion sound like a great read. Must add them to my list.

  5. Isn't that issue of Donna Hay just gorgeous especially the baking section. Love that you went to the library with your boys, the Barak Obama books sounds interesting I may have to pay a visit too.


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