November 23, 2012

A Warm Christmas
As a little girl I always longed for a white Christmas (just like in the movies….) but the festive season in Australia can be and always ends up being, just as wonderful.

Christmas in a warm climate gives us the option to change things around as we please.
If the weather channel predicts a hot day many opt out of the traditional Christmas dinner or lunch and hang out at the beach all day …its perfect and always a popular choice!

Christmas for us is always a  BBQ lunch spent with family - we always love to serve Christmas ham as well,
and of course I have to make  fruit mince pies, it just wouldnt feel like Christmas without some baking...this year Im planning to make lots of biscuits & cookies for loved one ones because Christmas should be all about giving....

Beautiful images by 
Country Style magazine - December 12 issue.  


  1. mmmm, mince pies :)

    Baking for chistmas always seems like the right thing to do - I've already baked our apple cake

  2. There's something beautiful about a white christmas, having experienced a few in my life I do long for that a little... Having said that, nothing beats the sound of cicadas as Christmas approaches and diving into the pool at the end of a long Christmas lunch. Mel x

  3. Beautifully said Anastasia. Your families Christmas lunch & the baking sounds perfect. Sharon Cairns's pics are beautiful. I'm excited the Christmas ed. of Donna hay & Gourmet Traveller come out today! We're hosting Christmas this year so looking for inspiration. x

  4. I've always wondered what it would be like to have warm weather for Christmas! We almost always have snow here, and it's a little strange to think about spending the day at the beach instead! Strange, but very awesome.


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