November 17, 2012

A Girl called Carin 
Hello lovely friends, it feels like ages since I've been here.  I've been busy finishing orders and crafting, and sometimes the only way to finish things off is to switch off from the distractions and focus focus focus on what needs to be done...

...but today I'm here with a new creative girl - Id like you to meet the lovely Carin.
Carin is a Swedish girl who left her job and family and moved to Paris to learn the language, explore the city and experience what many of us only dream of - to live in Paris!!  
Her love of Paris is showcased on her gorgeous blog 'Paris in Four Months' - stunning photographs and wonderful details of Parisian life...

Welcome Carin!
Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you?
Paris is what currently inspires me. I can't get enough of this absolutely beautiful city. It has so many different sides to it and you can discover something new each and every day. Both the people and the city itself feeds me inspiration on a daily basis. And then I have to say that it doesn't hurt when fashion week comes to Paris. It's like a fashion overload during these weeks! Which I absolutely love.

Name 3 things you couldn't live without right now?
My iPhone (sadly), my camera and my little pug, Nixon.

Can you define to us, your personal style?
I always like to dress with a little bit of a feminine touch. I've always been a girly girl since I was a little kid so I think that's still in me somewhere.
Otherwise I think I dress pretty classic if I must put a name on my style but I certainly want to spice things up though, a little bit more colour towards the spring would be great.

 Do you have a favourite colour (or colour combinations)?
 I love light and powdery colours. Some people find this boring but I love beige, white and light pinks. I also love bright colours, such as popping yellow or orange for example. These colours just make me happy and I think that's important!

What about your favourite Smell or Fragrance?
Right now I'm in love with the perfume "Jardin sur le toit" by Hermès but I also adore the scent of lilacs in the spring. Or well, perhaps the scent of spring period. Spring and summer are my two favourite seasons of the year and the scents that come with them are just wonderful. All the flowers, the sun... Mmm.

What do you love about your City/Town?
I think an easier question would be "what do you not love about your city?" because I'm pretty much in love with most things that you'll in the French capital. The people (yes, Parisians are great), the architecture, the food, the sweets, the Seine, the tiny little streets — all of these things have managed to capture my heart. I love strolling around in Le Marais or in Saint Germain just to get lost all by myself (and camera of course). You can find new little cafés, restaurants and markets wherever you look.

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
 "Do what you love". I think this is so important and I've made a promised to myself that I will live by this quote from now on.
 I really think it makes a difference.

Thanks so much Carin!!  Goodluck with your move back to Paris!
For all of you who want to follow Carin and her Parisian adventures,
make sure you bookmark her blog
Instagram and Pinterest

*all images by Carin Olsson*


  1. lovely interview AC, her photos are gorgeous :)

  2. Thanks Vickie - so very glad you enjoyed it! her blog and photos are stunning!

  3. Agreed, lovely interview Anastasia. I just love people who follow their dreams. It sounds like such an intriguing blog I'm going to pop over now. Mel x

  4. Oh wow-can't wait to explore her blog-thanks so much Anastasia :-)

  5. Great interview Anastasia and her photos are fantastic..very inspiring. Hope all is going well.

  6. Great interview. I absolutely love her blog - her photos are simply stunning!




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