November 13, 2012

Greek Island Home
I really enjoyed the article about Australian photographer Claire Lloyd and her Greek island home in last month's 'Inside Out' magazine - what beautiful light filled interiors.
What an amazing lifestyle...

"Its quite a simple life.  There is no typical weekend here.  To be honest, we don't even know when the weekends are half the time' 

Having visited Greece a few times I can see how Claire could fall SO in love with her new home, the island of Lesvos, and its people.

Its the Greek way.  They take you in and make you feel so welcome smiling and nodding and not letting the lack of  language get in the way of friendship.  They'll offer food from their table, a seat to relax and a sweet Greek coffee before you head on your way....

I'm looking forward to flicking through Claire's new book, 'My Greek Island Life' - it looks wonderful!
Booktopia has a great interview with Claire and includes a delightful video from the village.

* all images by Claire LLoyd


  1. It is near the top of my list of places I must visit. It sounds wonderful:).

  2. Hello Anastasia! I have seen Claires video of the book and find it very relaxing. Yes life in a Greek island can be great and stressfree, especially in summer. It's other things that make our lives difficult here. Suppose you've heard. Anyway. Read that you've been here several times. You must really enjoy being here. Maybe we'll meet some day.


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