September 28, 2012

Paper project - Embellished paper Garland
here is the link to my third paper project that I made.
Head on over to Jess's FAB blog,
Epheriell Designs and take a look!

I hope you like it!


September 25, 2012

To market
to market…..
One of my goals this year was to have a little stall at a craft market.
when I spotted Ishtar’s wonderful blog post about the ‘Renegade Craft Fair’ in London, over at D├ęcor8 blog, I felt a little sad that I haven’t participated in one yet….
Sally and I have talked it about it as we’d like to share a stall sometime but its almost October and I still don’t feel ready to plan or book one yet.

There are new markets springing up all over the place and with warmer weather coming up outdoor markets get really popular.
A great way to find out about markets or craft fairs that suit your handmade creations is keep your ears open on social sites like Facebook, blogs and twitter for some great local markets near you.
Ask around – some people love to share their experience so find out who had a stall there (search the markets blog or FB page) and ask them what they thought.
I guess the main thing for your stall  is to have plenty of stock and choice – this is my main problem, I find it hard to build up stock as most of my cards and tags are one-off items so I think I need to tackle my range differently – some brain storming needed before I book a market, that’s for sure!

 One thing I do love when visiting markets is a seller with a friendly smile and products displayed in a creative and beautiful way…that draws me near and tempts me for sure!

I think that’s why the
Finders Keepers markets here on the east coast – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, are so successful, all the items on offer are exquisite and top quality. Made and presented with love!

I’ll definitely be starting off at a much smaller market – baby steps all the way
but in the mean time here are some great links for anyone thinking of trying out a Craft Market 

Everything Etsy – 12 craft Show Tips and Craft Show Displays 
Finders Keepers – Top 10 Market stall tips
Handmadeology – Successful Craft Fair Tips 

There is so much great advice, search around on the Craft blogs and be motivated and inspired!

*images Top – CountYourBlessings blog 
Middle – Ishtar Olivera via Decor8 blog
Bottom – Jillian Leiboff via Finders Keepers blog

September 23, 2012

Eat Pie!!
I love making meat pie for dinner - its a real hit with my boys and its filling in the tummy and delicious too!
The other night I tried out  'Meat Pie with Mushy Peas and Gravy ' a recipe I found in Martyna's 
e-cookbook,  'My Whole food Philosophy' it was so tasty, so fast to prepare and
I cant wait to try out more of Martyna's recipes!

Her e-cookbook is so affordable and a great start to help you and your family eat less processed and more healthy wholesome food!

At the moment Martyna has a great offer -  get 30% off the retail price, just use 
promo code: nomorejunk
Check it out!

September 20, 2012

Time just flies….
Its Thursday already – this week has flown by so fast for me…has it been the same for you too?

I am really looking forward to tomorrow, a day off for me and an early start to the weekend but I’m off to see my allergy specialist in the morning,
Ive been suffering from hay fever so badly but I still love Spring and the sunshine, it makes me feel good!

Whilst I’m in town tomorrow I’m going to do some window shopping and mentally plan some Summer outfits.
Then I’ll stop for a healthy lunch - the wonderful thing about warmer weather is craving delicious salads and yummy light meals. … on the way home I plant to pop into the new Laduree Patisserie and buy myself a sweet treat for the train ride home – it would be dreamy to visit their Parisian store one day, I love their packaging!!... but for now their Sydney shop will be just fine, although I heard people are lining up to buy their Macarons so wish me luck!

*Images of lovely rooms with a fresh, feminine touch! From my Pinterest ‘ For The Home’ board.

September 17, 2012

My DIY Paper project - 'Found' paper Gift Tags is now up over at Epheriell Designs blog!
Take a look if you like!!

September 14, 2012

Etsy picks of the week - Puppy Love
Its been a while since I've done an 'Etsy picks of the week' post and so when I saw this adorable image by photographer Hugh Stewart,  I knew a Dog themed post would be perfect!
Etsy is a perfect site for everybody, even our furry friends!

top image by
Hugh Stewart * Connie by Pauletrudebellemare * Rowdy Dog Cowl Scarf by CharlieHeartsDiesel *
Plush Weiner Dog by  FriendsOfSocktopus 

September 11, 2012

From the Recipe files: a sticky mess
So I asked my boys what kind of cake should I make?
Strawberry Cream cake or Chocolate cake?

I guess I shouldn't have asked as I knew they would say 'Chocolate'.
Off I went to make my cake.
I found a great recipe in this lovely book  and it turned out perfectly (if I should say so myself ...) but then I had to go and decorate it didn't I?

I cut the cake in half and it crumbled and broke a little so I added whipped cream and raspberry jam thinking it would help seal the bottom piece and top piece plus all the cracks back together when I realised I hadn't put it on the serving plate yet... Oops!
so I tried to move it, it was heavy and broke even more...darn!

Next messy step was making the chocolate ganache frosting,  I added too much cream to the chocolate chips and it ended up chocolate syrup instead...a runny mess!
So I did my best to hide it all with some fresh strawberries and you know what? was a hit with everyone!!  Yayy!!

September 9, 2012

Guest blogger over at Epheriell!
Im thrilled to be a Guest blogger over at Jess's blog Epheriell Designs' this month.
Here is my first post - Dotty Love Notecards.

Go say Hi to Jess, her blog is always so informative and inspiring, Im thrilled to be guest blogging every Friday this month sharing some quick and easy ways to use paper scraps!
I hope you'll visit!!

September 4, 2012

A Girl called ilona
Its time to meet another Creative girl!
This month I'd love for you too all meet Ilona,  a talented fashion & lifestyle stylist.  Ilona started her creative career working for 'Marie Claire' magazine and is now a freelance stylist producing beautiful stories for magazines!  

Welcome Ilona!  Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you?
The summer! When the sun is shining,  Holland is at it's best. 
Especially after a bit of rain when everything is green and sparkling.
I love my morning walks with our new member of the family 'Mees' our Jack  Russel.
 We live in a small village, just outside Amsterdam, so enough space to  wander and explore.

 Name 3 things you couldn't live without right now?
 My family (dog & cat included), summer holidays and a tall latte in the morning

 Can you define to us your personal style?
 My personal style is more like "aqua & sapone', simple & pure.
 I love  my blue/white Breton stripe shirt -  I have lots of them.
 A friend of  mine, who designs for a new Dutch label called 'Ruby Tuesday'
 even named a striped shirt after me :-).
 I love my denim shorts and  flip flops in the summer, but I do love my boots, jeans and chunky  knits for upcoming winter as well.

Do you have a favourite colour (or colour combinations)?
I love all the grays.
I love all shades of blue, I love all the greens.
Actually, I also love bright colors, but only for my stories and styling work.
I would never wear them or style them in my own home.

What about fragrance, do you have a favourite Smell?
I wish I could catch that  smell of sun & salt on your skin after a long sunny day on the beach,  in a bottle...perfect!

What do you love about your City/Town?
Most of all I'm a city girl. 
Born and raised in Amsterdam.
About five years  ago I needed more space to breath and to live.
I do love the village  where we now live, it's small and quiet.  I love my garden but sometimes I  really need to escape to the big city. 
Having a coffee at Krull, my  favorite cafe near Sarphatipark, or buying fruit & flowers at Albert Cuyp  Market.
Infact, I just got back ;-)

Do you have a favourite quote you would like to share with us?
' Do all things with Love'.
Thanks so much Ilona!  To see more of Ilona's work head on over to her Website and her Portfolio and Ilona is also on Pinterest

September 1, 2012

Spring here!!
The first day of Spring and the Sun was present all day, a lovely day!
.. but it's still chilly outside ...the transition from Winter to Summer always leaves me confused in how to dress, but its always exciting knowing whats to come...
Warmer weather and long days....
Blooming flowers, Thin t-Shirts and cotton skirts, outdoor activities and chilled drinks...

Tomorrow is
Fathers Day in Australia and we're planning a picnic outdoors!
Can't wait!...

*image by
 Monika Norrby

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