January 8, 2013

7 Vignettes in 7 days challenge
'The Interiors addict' blogger Jen,  along with stylist Kara have a little instagram challenge going on
 - 7 Vignettes in 7 days.
I've been totally inspired playing around with my 'things', things I already have at home creating little displays.

We all have lovely things at home, in closed draws, packed away in boxes, or even in the garden.
We even have things that we keep for years and years just because they mean SO much we won't ever throw away...but do we display them with love?
The interior experts always tell us to only buy and decorate with things we love....

I've had the same things decorated around my house for such a long time but this challenge was a great way to shake it all up...play around and create a lovely story with what I already own,
have and love!

7 challenges in 7 days - Nature, Colour, Fun,
Flowers & Plants,  Mementos & Souvenirs,
Coffee/Side table, Kitchen.

Here is my Vignette for 'Nature' - hope you like it!
I'll share my others soon...


  1. I read about that, such a great idea! I'm the same, boxes i the attic but it's simply because I don't have enough place. Love your nature vignette. M x

  2. beautiful, I love the picture in the background

  3. What a beautiful post...such a fab idea to bring in the New Year! Know what you mean about stored treasures...Will have to try when have more time...crunched to get Sketchbook Project mailed in... <3 this!!! xXx


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