January 4, 2013

Emerald City

I love, love that Pantone has chosen 'Emerald' Green as its 'colour of the year 2013'.
Pantone describes the shade as a lively, radiant, lush green
and I'll just add
elegant, sophisticated and
timeless to that too...

Growing up, green (along with brown) was never a favorite colour..
but now I find I'm mostly drawn to deep moody shades - Purples, Navy, Grays...ha! what does that say about me?
What about you?
Do you like Green?
It can be a little intimidating but look how beautiful those green chairs are in the top interior image?  they sure have presence - a stand out as is the elegant girl below....

Johann Alexander Stuetz
A Fine Fashon Frenzy


  1. I think the emerald is an amazing colour. I too was never a big fan of green but I'm starting to like it more.

  2. Beautiful. And thanks for the link to the Pantone site. I never even knew of their colour of the year. I love it.
    Happy New Year and a very happy birthday for the 1st of January. Best wishes to you. x

  3. I'm like you..warming up to green! LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt, wow!

  4. Hi Anastasia, I love the look of it, the emerald green chairs just set the table off. I like this being the colour of the year, nice and bold! M x

  5. I was following Pantone on twitter waiting for the big announcement and loved that it was emerald green. The chairs and the long skirt in the photos look stunning.

  6. I love the color choice! Much more than last year's anyway. :-) My bedroom was emerald green when I was a teenager, and I adored it. So excited to make some things that fit the bill!


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