February 27, 2013

All the Pretty Dresses
Did you enjoy the Academy Awards the other night?  The event itself always drags on
 - I always find the Red Carpet parade a lot more interesting.

So many beautiful dresses this year - the stylists are getting really good at getting it 'perfect' for their star clients ...although there's always one or two shockers coming through..too bad for the fashion designers, the media, blogs and twitter are all out with their opinions - good or bad, dont you just love the internet?
I was suprised to see lots of White frocks this year - its quite stark against the Red Carpet, some gowns looked very 'bridal'...lots of safe looks, lots of messy looks (Helena Bonham Carter, Im looking at you!) and lots of sparkle too -  Naomi Watts in glitzy silver gray  - Amazing!!! I loved it!

* images
top - Elie Saab runway- beautiful fabrics and detail.  Bottom - photo by Judy Pak


  1. Completely oblivious to the oscars this year, I don't even know who won. I know,what rock have I been hiding under - been so crazy busy! I have to go check out the social pages because like you, I love looking at the dresses and dream a little. M x

  2. I love evening wear, it's just a pity I don't have anywhere to wear dresses like these!

  3. I did watch the Oscars, though it was mainly for the dresses this year because we haven't seen many of the movies. I loved all of the metallics this year!


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