May 31, 2013

at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

During our recent trip overseas, I was lucky enough to be in
Los Angeles the same week as the monthly Rose Bowl flea market.  Ive dreamed of visiting one day.

I first heard about the Rose Bowl from the teen series 'Beverly Hills 90210' when Donna sat on the float at the
Rose Bowl parade haha ...but after Rachel Ashwell and her Shabby Chic style came about a few years later, flea market finds were all the rage (and still are!)

The market can pull in about 20,000 visitors in one day and there are SO many vendors that sell all sorts of things - you just never know what you'll find! on our first Sunday in LA we drove out to Pasadena, took the wrong exit and headed back to Downtown and ended up on the wrong side of the road (crazy tourists!) - lucky it was early and not much traffic about - we made it in one piece and picked up my good friend Tammy, who lives in Pasadena and headed into the fun chaos of the flea market!
Parking was free which was awesome considering they could make so much money from all those cars and admission was a cheap $8!
The Flea market was a great day out, a visual treat and a little over whelming for this Aussie gal....Americans love their vintage and because of the population (or perhaps people's hoarding tendencies) there was SO much choice, so much to sift through, so much to see!
Tammy, my adorable friend whom I met through an Ebay transaction
13 years ago (for real!!) was on the hunt for vintage wooden crates for her baby succulent plants - she found two great ones.
We both found some great paper ephemera, found photos and postcards and bought goodies from 'Oh, Hello Friend' stall - sweet stuff!
People watching at such a venue was super inspiring - so many rockabilly styles, Victorian inspired guys sporting handlebar moustaches and beards (hello Etsy trend!) ...apparently a team from H&M headquarters in Stockholm were there to gather ideas & inspiration - loads to go around!
and here is a set of adorable Vintage Party invites that I found at the Flea market - I have listed them in  my Etsy shop now!


  1. Love the Rose Bowl!! I try and go 6 or 7 times a year. Luckily for us it's only about 30 minutes away. There is SO much to look at. I remember the 1st time I went, feeling very overwhelmed, but now I kind of have my route down and some favorite vendors. People watching is truly the best too!! It's a must visit if you're ever in Los Angeles on that weekend. :-)

    So glad you got to experience it!

  2. Yes it was very overwhelming as there is just so much - I guess it gets easier if you've been a few times - lucky you! to get the chance to go often, its an awesome venue!

  3. oh my, how exciting to be bale to visit the Rose Bowl, thanks for sharing! Hope you have a fabulous week!

    enjoy *~*

  4. I left a comment here on my iphone a few days ago about the Rose Bowl Market but for some reason it never published.

    I love this market..what a treat and so glad you told us about it. I would definitely plan a trip to LA around a visit here. Only problem is I'd want to buy EVERYTHING!!!


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