May 24, 2013

The Growing Child....

So last year we had a bit of a reshuffle in our home – the boys moved into separate bedrooms.
Neo, my youngest is settled in the smallest bedroom in the house but the room got a little makeover (which you can see here and here)  and he seems really content and happy!
 My big boy Pete got a double bedroom all to himself but he also scored hand-me-down furniture (my old bookshelf and his dad’s old clunky desk) which somehow made their way into his bedroom – lately he's been hinting (often) that he’d also like an update to his bedroom...

He's a growing child... but he's still my little guy at only
10 years of age -  he's at that delicate age between child and teen and I want to hold onto that for as long as I can...
but maybe it is time to get rid of the 'little boy' bedroom and make some changes.

Christine who helped me out with our family room had a free 'happy up your home' session on her blog and I signed up!
The main issue I have with Peter's bedroom is that its the darkest room in the house - it has a beautiful large window but still doesn't get a lot of natural light so I asked Christine how I could brighten it up using furnishings and colour.

Christine recommended
*we paint the walls lighter and could even go for a bright  feature wall in a punchy colour.
*Change the heavy curtains and go for light holland blinds - this will also help make the window stand out nicely
 * She also recommended a lighter 'colour + print 'quilt cover and to add some funky art work.
* She also said we should leave the natural sisal rug but could add another smaller striped rug on top too add some colour and interest.

We aren't ready to change the furniture - we'll probably do that towards the end of the year but the changes Christine recommended are easy to do!  Im feeling white, gray, pale blue and accents of yellow for his bedroom!
Looking forward to letting my growing boy join in on the fun of this makeover...!
Thanks Christine!

* images Top via Pinterest and bottom via theSocialiteFamily


  1. Love that Pinterest inspiration photo! 10 is an interesting age. Once children enter double-digits, they are definitely "tweens"! Good luck with the room redo.

  2. That sounds like fun and how nice to get Pete involved in it now... I'd love to see how it turns out, the examples you chose are gorgeous! M x


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