November 13, 2013

Handmade postcards

I pulled out my paper scraps file the other day... playing with layers of paper for this handmade postcard swap.
I love security envelopes - the interior print/pattern always looks cool. I have a small stack of them saved from work in great colours - green, blues and orange..(saving for a rainy craft day...)
This paper has a gritty black & white pattern and thought it would look cool layered and thick in texutre...its not perfect but thats what I like about it!  This swap needs to include some stitching so I'm hoping to draw a white/black flower with help from my mum's sewing machine tomorrow, then its going to sit under some heavy books to flatten out a bit - hope it turns out okay?

The postcard below was inspired by a saying I spotted somewhere ( I can't remember where??...probably Pinterest)  and it states
'I am not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like me'
I thought that was pretty cool and a good message for the theme of 'beauty'
...the 'ladies that lunch' got some reading glasses to wear...just because!

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