November 10, 2013

...a touch of Sparkle....

Have yourself a sparkling start to a new week!

Well we didn't get the house yesterday...the turnout was huge, the end result was not a surprise but
still, it was a little disheartening that property prices are almost out of our reach?!

Something will come our way.
Its all part of the journey and maybe a good chance to re-asses our goals, and priorities.
Maybe its time for another vacation somewhere fun?
haha...its great to dream!

Live Simply.
Dream Big.
Be Grateful.
Give Love.
Laugh Lots.

...sounds good to me!

Top via PicturePerfectforYou tumblr
Middle  Ruffled blog
Bottom - Concept by Anna


  1. Something else will come I am sure, even something better!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. I'm with Ariadne above, every time we've missed out on a house at Auction something better came along down the track that was just perfect. I'm sure this will happen to you, don't lose heart. xx

  3. we were there just a few months ago.. it's not an easy process.. but I'm sure you'll find the one soon.. we lost the first house we bid on and I thought I could never find anything better.. but we did.. and so will you.

  4. Thanks girls - your kind words are comforting! one door closes and another opens for us all!


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