November 8, 2013

Pretty Rooms & an Auction!

I've been browsing through beautiful room images over on Pinterest..its nice to dream but
hopefully by the end of the weekend I can get serious with my interior mood-boards and inspirations...
tomorrow we're attending a house auction with plans to bid!
It all feels very odd as I don't feel attached to the house (yet)  - maybe I'm trying not to feel emotional about the whole 'buying at auction' process -  bid with your head and not your heart.

Sydney property prices have gone a little crazy lately especially in our neighbourhood which recorded a
24% increase the past year - I just don't get it!
I'm a little scared too as I love our current home - so many happy memories, but I think we've outgrown it and I'm keen to move now that my boys are still young.
I'm also keen to get my hands dirty and put my stamp on another house. The home is solid, character filled and has so much potential - I can already envision what we can do with it!
wish Us Luck!!!

Images:  BHG, Country Living 


  1. Good luck with the house-hunting!

  2. Oh good luck Anastasia. I know how nerve wracking it can be bidding on a house at auction. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. xx

  3. Keeping fingers crossed for you!Greek home prices have gone down now with the crisis and all the extra taxes they have added to houses. But who has money to buy?And banks don't give loans easily any more!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Good luck lovely - how did you go? Better to not be emotionally attached in this climate, just read this article this morning.
    Have you got an iPad? You'd love the app houzz - I spend hours going through and saving pics to my idea books

  5. thanks lovely ladies no luck with this house. The auction ran away so fast...way past our budget and ended up getting passed in at $1.3million which is just 'crazy days'!!


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