February 13, 2014

Sweet Shirley....

A little tribute post to the child star
Shirley Temple who sadly passed away yesterday.

Her popularity went downhill in Hollywood once once she became a teenager and had outgrown her cute little girl image, but she'll always have a place in my heart!
It appears she went on to have a full-filling life and I must admit I was actually a little surprised she was still alive in 2014!

 It would seem absurd that during the mid 1970’s I was watching movies from the 30’s and 40’s
but growing up,  my sister and I watched many Shirley Temple movies – they used to show old classics every Saturday afternoon on TV and again in the evening when movie buff, 
Bill Collins would screen and host his Movie show - we watched Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Albert & Costello, Doris Day films (my favourite) and Elvis Presley movies too...
so it was a bit of a tradition to watch the golden oldies every weekend especially if my parents had gone out for the evening and we were at my Grandparents having a sleepover - they'd allow us to stay up late to watch.

I remember Shirley Temple movies bought us so much joy – so entertaining
and full of cute factor!

* little Shirley - sweet as a button
and 'Mamma' Shirley with her own little baby girl
*images via 'Vintage Life'


  1. My dad loved American movies and we used to watch all old American films on TV too especially family films like the ones Shirley Temple was starring in! I loved how my dad pronounced her name in American accent although he didn't speak Engliah!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. same with us Ariadne - the movies are iconic now! we also watched many black/white Greek films - Aliki, Vengo...funny! makes me feel nostalgic (and old haha...)
    I have some DVDs with Shirley Temple films, maybe I'll watch one this weekend.


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