February 10, 2014

...Just a minute in February

eating / tonight we had Greek style Lentils (thanks Mum!) - tomorrow I'm planning to make this
chickpea soup   and this delicious cheese bread
drinking / I still start my day with a Green Smoothie, it’s a habit I don’t plan to break !
playing / with my boys - ‘Just Dance’ challenges on the Wii U – a good laugh and a fun workout (for me)
reading / I just finished ‘Grace: A Memoir’ I started reading it ages ago then got sidetracked but once I picked it up again, I just couldn’t put it down – what an interesting life Grace Coddington has had so far...I took lots of notes whilst reading this as I wanted to Google some of the fashion people mentioned!
wearing / skirts & dresses...its still very warm outside! I need to buy some new jeans but I cant stand shopping for jeans so I've been putting it off - its just as bad as buying a swim suit!
watching / Hubby and I recently watched 4 seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’, 4 seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’ and 2 seasons of ‘Girls’…we were late to jump on the bandwagon but we are now TV addicts!
Cant wait to watch the final season of ‘Breaking Bad’
wanting / a new tote bag…
creating / I started an Inspiration Art journal - my first layout below...
I really wanted to do something creative this year - something just for me...I'll be sharing some of my pages here on the blog going forward.  Im also thinking about starting 'Project Life' - I need to do something with our family photos (and memories)

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  1. I love the pages of your book! Thanks for giving us a peek :)


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