February 19, 2014

First Impressions...

How beautiful are the entry ways below - it doesn't really matter what kind of home or what decor style, its always a first impression and a warm welcome inside...
I wish I had a larger entry way in our house, we have a tiny one with three doors off it
and all I can decorate it with is wall photos but I do love my entry way light fitting, its an original that came with the house many moons ago (1930s).

On Sunday we drove a good
40 minutes from home to visit HomeWorld , we've been thinking about renovating our investment home, an old fixer upper that we've had rented out for the past 12 years.
We spoke to a couple of builders and both advised that a knock-down rebuild might cost just the same or a little bit more with the upgrades we might want...this is something we hadn't really thought about before as we both love character filled homes but we're going in with an open mind but still weary of budget and price...head over heart...
Either way I'm excited with
the possibility of finally deciding on something as we've been looking for a new home for so long now and that never worked out for us.
...so maybe its finally time!

Images:Top- Sarah Richardson 'Sarah's House - season 4' 
Middle - 'A Life's Design' - love the Lantern light!! 
Bottom - Country charm via Style at Home magazine

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  1. These entry ways are just gorgeous Anastasia. How fun for you to have a blank canvas to design and build a new home, worth thinking about.


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