February 21, 2014

Inspiration Journal

Some more pages from my Inspiration journal to share with you all - the plan was to try and do a layout each week...but I'm already way behind.
Im okay with that, partly because this is just a creative outlet so there are no rules or deadlines and I dont want to force it...I'll end up just not enjoying myself!
for my '2014 goals' page, I tried the splatter paint technique which was so much fun but so messy.
Next time I try this I think I'll do it in a deep cardboard box then and only then might I not get black paint on my floor, my clothes and furniture haha...
I also printed out the free New year printable from
The Secret Owl society
cut it up and made my layout!

For my next layout,
I used a magazine clipping that I've had for ages...I love the pale to smoky Gray shades and thought they looked so beautiful in floral - who said Gray was boring??
I added a cute quote sticker and collaged some more black and white papers...I added a punch of colour with the die-cut, I love the Victorian era feel about it...a little dark and moody but also beautiful at the same time!

Some Art journal things Ive noticed around bloggy-land
A Year to Inspire -  This is a collaboration between two bloggers, Stephanie and Annetta and they are attempting a journal page everyday this year!  great for promts and ideas or to follow along, check it out!
Art Journals and pages - this is a pinterest board I created for inspiration and ideas.
Everyday is a Holiday - love these two!  So creative! Their blog has a great section on Art Journaling
and I recently bought their book
- great ideas for collage work!


  1. I've never thought to try art journaling, but I LOVE it as an inspiration journal! That's brilliant!

  2. It looks like you are having great fun with this! I laughed out loud at your suggestion to use a box next time you decide to splatter paint!


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