March 26, 2014

Experiments in Collage

I’ve started a 6-week online workshop – ‘Experiments in Collage’, with Collage/Mixed media artist, Randel Plowman.
...I love Randel’s style and have been following his work and blog for years now.
I also have two limited edition prints of his ‘Bird’ collages hanging in my kitchen so you can say Im a huge fan!
Randel has offered the online course before but I had always been too busy to take it and the timing was never right so am pleased to be taking part now.
It’s been great so far although I'm already behind with my homework but I’ll get there as it’s so interesting!...

I love Collage, Mixed Media and Art journaling – it takes me back to childhood ...paper & glue and craft time. We had a great craft room at my primary school, it was a messy haven where you can experiment and enjoy the process!
 I'm sad that my boys don’t really do that much creative craft/art at much discussion about creativity in schools been overtaken by Academic expectations...its a real shame!
Back to my post – this here, is part of my first homework assignment, these collages were meant to be done quite fast
and free flowing so this required trying not to think about it too much, which can be really tricky (for me anyway...)
they turned out so cute and it was a fun exercise, can’t wait to do more!
I turned mine into Greeting cards by securing my collage onto thick cardstock and I’m going to list them in my Etsy shop!


  1. Great collages AC.
    I love messing with paper and glue as well, and like you I tend to be quite thoughtful with my placements!
    This sounds like a great course for you.

  2. Thanks Tess - its great so far!


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