March 21, 2014

Illustrated Food

Love these!
How fun...
food + illustrating, two of my favorite things!

This week has just flown by for me...I'm like is it really Friday already, I just got over Monday! (my stressful day...)  we've been busy with High school application forms and Open days, pouring over home plans getting inspired (and confused) and hanging out for info about this missing Malaysian flight - are you as intrigued as I am?
Have a lovely weekend peeps!!

Lemonade by Ayu Iwashima * Biscuits by
Caitlin Shearer  * Food themed Book Cover by
Aurora Cacciapuoti


  1. I love those!
    Good finds AC : )

  2. I love water color drawing, your illustration are adorable.

  3. glad you like them girls...
    Cintia, these arent my illustrations - I have the links there if you want to see...Hugs AC

  4. I love food illustrations, my daughter has the second one which I think she got from Frankie magazine. Funny I have just published a post about Lucy King the Illustrator who designed and drew my blog header and motifs. Hope all well with you, love these.

  5. I wish I could draw! They look gorgeous, especially the one with the biscuits :D


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