May 27, 2014

Coco Chocolate

a couple of months ago I was super lucky to win 10 blocks of Chocolate from 'Coco Chocolate' 
Yes, you read that correct.
10 blocks! very lucky indeed.
We are going through the blocks slowly, this is how you eat good quality dark Chocolate, a little goes a long long way...I'd never go back to the waxy, cheapy, sugary sweet stuff
...this is 90% Coco Mass chocolate and you can taste the difference that's for sure, they are gluten free, and with no additional sweetners, perfect for vegans and those following Paleo diets.
The flavours are favourite so far is 'Rose & Black Pepper' and my hubby's is 'Hazlenut & Sea Salt'...
thanks so much Coco Chocolate! we are loving your chocolate bars!

...check out their Instagram feed for some tempting chocolate pics and behind the scenes in their workshop.


  1. Such beautiful packaging …..what a lovely prize!!!

  2. great and well set drawing. best of luck for the coming work

  3. I really liked trying their new chocolate range!


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