May 26, 2014

The weekend and time to Wander...

...a new week already.
Hello Monday.
I had such a busy weekend with no down time so tonight after my boys are fed, bathed and tucked in, I’m going to plonk down on my coach in my warm PJs and not move!
The TV and I will be best buds tonight.
I love taping shows during the week (hello food & d├ęcor shows) but Monday night has so much going on...
Let’s start with ‘Game of Thrones’ - the new season is fantastic,  great characters, beautiful scenery, drama, medieval fantasy - I’m a huge fan! 
After that it’s another  favorite, this one fuzzy and light hearted, 
‘Bill & Giuliana, such a cute couple hubby can’t stand their show ha-ha but watches it with me anyway and then it’s ‘Q&A’ time on the ABC, now that’s always fun to watch (me... shouting at the TV) simultaneously whilst being on Twitter, the Q&A Twitter feed goes crazy real quick.

...back to the weekend!
a normal Saturday morning for me consists of house work and soccer games but this Saturday was a little different -  I attended ‘Blog Society Bloggers Retreat’ hosted by Blog Society and left buzzing with a refreshed outlook about my blog and blogging,  it was so great (more on that on the blog soon...)
After the event I was to meet my husband and kids at the boys Greek Dancing class – I took a different route than normal and deliberately drove into pretty tree lined streets...
it’s amazing how much detail you notice and observe when you have time to Wander...there’s a particular Victorian house that I drive by every Saturday afternoon, but I stumbled across it from a different angle and I had never noticed all the pretty side windows and chimneys on the roof line ...nice and tall and proud in its glory. 
it made me think we need to take time out and Wander for a bit.
Yes we do.
Yesterday, we had lunch at our friends,  delicious food and great company – what more do you want in life!
I made cake to take along.
Cake with friends makes me happy!


  1. It was so great to see your smiling face on Sat Anastasia, and look at those boots! Love!

  2. I love going to these blogging events Anastasia, I always come home inspired and ready to push things further. I hope you enjoyed your night on the couch last night, well deserved after such a great, busy weekend. What kind of cake did you make?

  3. Totally envious of you going to Blog Society Bloggers Retreat- Im definitely locking it in for next year!!! Cant wait to read about your rundown. And, like Catherine, Im curious as to what kind of cake that is?? Looks great! Did you make it??? xx

  4. It all sounds great!
    I love that picture of the Opera House.....


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