May 2, 2014

Life catch up...

Hello friends! It feels like ages...I've been online here and there but it seems like the blog took a back seat the past few days.
The break wasn't intentional, I needed to gather some energy and try to shift this virus.
Not feeling your 'normal' self sucks big time, especially when the demands and obligations of the everyday are still there - kids are back at school now (phew) and only this week I got some down time to relax plus I'm making sure to turn in at a decent time in the evening...I'll get there eventually...

Life Lately
Cooking: making lots of sweet things (read: comfort) I've been thinking of doing a food cleanse to tackle my digestive health - you are what you eat after all I really need to concentrate on 'clean' recipes

Reading: I just finished Leandra Medine's memoir 'Seeking Love. finding overalls' - she truly is a funny, smart and witty (chic) gal! I'm reading 'Fault in our stars' by John Green

Wanting: More quiet time...actually just more time in my day would be lovely thanks!...

Needing: a Haircut...maybe a new hair colour for Winter, highlights and there's some new hair technique called 'Smudging' that sounds interesting!


  1. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Fault in Our Stars is a great book! Hope you feel better soon! xo
    amy (posy press)

  2. Oh to have more time in the day, to do all the things we want to do. Wouldn't it be lovely. Nice to pop in and catch up on you today. That cake in the post above looks delicious too.


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