July 16, 2014

...in the thick of it..

baby its cold outside....
sure is!
its been freezing lately!

I do love Winter but hate that it takes me forever to adjust and climatise until I can finally feel warm and comfortable...and then its probably time to head outside again.
...it doesn't even snow in Sydney, imagine having that Winter element to deal with everyday...

Some lovely Winter looks for inspiration...
layers of warmth,
wool, booties...coats, jackets and knits...beautiful!

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  1. We are so lucky that we don't have to deal with serious winter, though, aren't we? just cold enough to wrap up in gorgeous coats….not so cold that it is miserable….love the belted coat in the bottom row.

  2. i LOVE checking out and pinning these awesome 'winter' looks ... unfortunately with 4 kids and chaos most of the time, my 'winter look' does not resemble anything quite so cool ... but will keep pinning them for the day I get to have a 'girl catchup' with my friends and do the 'style thing' again!

  3. I love that camel jacket in bottom right pic…yummo! have to say, its been cold here in regional Vic this past month but I havent really had to pull out the heavy jackets. Mummy me these days just layers up (handy when top layer gets a smudge of food on it…). Gorgeous photos as usual Anastasia and always insiring to look at! xx


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