August 8, 2014

denim on denim on denim....

It doesn't look like the
denim on denim trend is going anywhere..
do you like it?
...or are you thinking ...lets leave this for the cowboys of this world and move on already...

Blue Denim is perfect for any season - its a classic wardrobe staple but denim on denim outfits take a little more thought - especially as you want to avoid a dorky 'got it wrong' moment.
Mix up the blue shades, the textures - go fitted and refined for a chic pulled together look or slouch and soft for a relaxed, carefree look!
Either way it'll look gorgeous!
Denim on Denim actually smells like Summer to me - maybe I'm just hanging out for warmer days...
Have a wonderful weekend peeps!



  1. well, I've been wearing my denim jacket with jeans, so I guess I'm in the 'yes' camp, lol.

    I think it really depend how you put it together...

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