August 4, 2014

Sunday stories...

I love carefree Sundays where there are no plans and we can just enjoy the day as a family ...after stumbling out of bed very early in the morning for Peter's soccer game (winners! Semi Finals next week!!) we headed to Rosebery for lunch at 'Kitchen By Mike'...lunch is served exactly at 12.00pm and we stumbled in at a perfect time because within 15 minutes there was a long queue and the place was bustling with people and activity!
I love it there...the food is excellent, its has a wonderful casual feel which I think people are embracing these days they make great coffee! Yes!
on the way out we did a quick walk through Koskela, I stopped by the huge table of books, eyed these lovely planters and swooned over the rugs and kilims...

next stop was a long walk in favourite Sydney beach suburb!  so good to stretch the legs, let the boys run around...
we noticed the
'Coogee Pavillion' has been taken over by the Merivale group so we popped in for a quick peek - Wow! it looks amazing - what a tranformation!
There are so many interior details that are so very cool and a whole section devoted to the little ones (so parents can eat in peace?!)
Cant wait to try it out for lunch sometime...


  1. I adore Kitchen By Mike, I went there when it first opened and loved the tasty food and atmosphere. Your Sunday sounds perfect Anastasia. One of the things I love about Sydney is the endless walking options and proximity to beautiful beaches you have there. What's on for this weekend? We've got our Auction tomorrow..I'm nervously excited! XO

  2. oh Catherine - that is very exciting! All the very best!


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