September 18, 2014

Americana: Choc Chip Cookies

My Kids love choc chip cookies...I bake them often as they never last long in the pantry.  If you do a search online there are SO many different variations and recipes to try.
The recipe I used here was a classic 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' but I added a large tablespoon of Nutella and one of crunchy Peanut Butter into the mix - these two flavours are perfect together!
a twist on a classic.
Next time I'll try a salted chocolate cookie...
Ruth Wakefield who ran The Toll House Inn with her husband,  first created the cookie during the 1930s to serve with tea in the lodge -  it quickly became popular known as 'The Toll House' cookie. She later gave Nestle the rights to her recipe and the name and you can see the original Nestle recipe here 


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