October 24, 2014

Weekend Style...

Do you have a weekend style?
I'm usually in jeans and a simple top, sneakers or flats...which can get extremely boring come Saturday again...how many jeans can you style up?
I should really change it up sometime, make the effort a little...
I'm usually feeling so laid-back I cant be bothered unless I know someone is coming by but the weekend is not a cue for sloppy ...hey, you just never know who you'll bump into at the local cafe or supermarket...
but of course you should always dress for yourself,
feel comfortable in your clothes - you'll appear effortless which is what personal style is all about! right?

* some lovely Weekend style ideas below - images via my style Pinterest board


  1. Loving these weekend styles Anastasia and love pic number 1. When I was in NY I bought a pair of boyfriend jeans with the holes in them and love wearing them with a white t-shirt. I'm feeling self conscious about wearing them now, it must be my age. I can't stop thinking why am I walking around with a pair of jeans with holes in them. So am passing them onto my daughter! Hope you've been well and had a great weekend. xxx

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