November 19, 2014

Happy Wednesday!

Happy hump day everyone!
I've had a few days away from the blog - chilling and relaxing after a crafty frenzy lead up to the Etsy Market stall last was fun, I should try and do more Markets in future!
I do need to work on my networking skills though especially the perfect 'pitch'
 ha!...Im a true introvert so always find it tricky to talk to strangers or about myself...

I made quite a lot of stock which was great as my Crafty Life has been a little quiet this year so new things in my Etsy shop soon!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

* image via 'Design Love Fest'

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  1. Well done on the market Anastasia. I know it's hard work getting organised to do a market but so much fun when you're there and yes it does push you out of your comfort zone. I've done a few with my cousin who makes jewellery, her husband is a complete natural at dealing with the customers. It does take practice but I'm sure you were great. xx


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