November 3, 2014

Organised Chaos....

I sometimes don’t like the mess that results in a great crafty session especially when I’m still in a ‘work in progress’ stage and I have no intention of clearing anything up as yet.
I' lucky enough to have a crafty work area set up in my house but for some reason I like to bring all my supplies into the family room and work there…its my organised chaos!

I’m preparing for the ‘Rocks Twilight Market’ which will be part of ‘The Rocks Village Bizarre’.
 – it starts this Friday night and should be awesome!!
There will be different Etsy Sellers every Friday night for 7 weeks and my stall will be there on 14th November so things are feeling a little frantic!!

Ive only experienced a stall at School held Market so I’m feeling this might be a tad busier…ohhh don’t want to get nervous now …fingers crossed I’ll be organised, on track and will and slowly getting there.


  1. Good luck!I am sure you will do well!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. thanks so much lovely girls!


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