January 31, 2015

Goodbye January...

See you later January.
Its always a month of contradictions for me and even though its my birthday month and the start of a fresh new year (clean slate!), I seem to be in a post festive season slump most of the month - so it always feels a little slow.
.. but my boys are back at school now and I'm looking forward to the routine and structure to our days I seem to need this in my life, it gives me a sense of purpose and direction.
Whatever helps right?
Lately I've been in a de-cluttering phase.
January tends to set this off...
I'm Spring cleaning in the middle of Summer!
...it feels good though and I'm no where near ready to quit.
I'm tackling little zones and that seems to be the way to go for me as my neat 'piles' can get overwhelming and I just move them from one  room to another!

I started in the kitchen with my cookbooks and recipes - I had culled my cookbook collection but still have recipe papers and clippings all over the place, it was getting ridiculous!  It feels amazing to have things in order!
I also sold some clothes on Ebay this month and donated two bags full of things I keep but dont wear...its crazy how much ''stuff' we accumulate!
I also made the boys keep their most favourite school year artwork/school work so we've got an ongoing collection of things from their childhood - everything else was dumped out!! It feels so good!!
Next challenge which Im kind of dreading is my Craft room but it must be done!! wish me luck!
This year I vow to keep clutter to a bare minimum and to be on top of it!

*image via my Instagram - coffee time at 'Bread & Circus' in Alexandria (how cute are the coffee cups!!)

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  1. We've been going through the same thing. I sold my guitar and I have two bags of books to donate to the local library. :)


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