February 1, 2015

Afternoon walk about...

Today we thought we'd head to Broadway to this Malaysian restaurant for lunch...its not fancy but has a great family atmosphere,  there is always a queue outside though and today
was no exception so we decided to scrap those plans and have lunch in the food court at Broadway shopping centre.
Who says you can't get a good meal in a food court?  
I had a delicious combination Noodle soup made just for me...cheap and filling and really flavorsome!
We are so lucky we have so many food choices in Sydney, I love that!
The boys were happy with Sushi and Subway rolls...and Andrew had a gourmet sandwich.

Afterwards we decided to beat the shopping crowds and go for a walk around Glebe.
I love Glebe with its village atmosphere, eclectic mix of shops and cafes and stunning homes from yester-year...its a Sydney surburb I always recommend to visitors when they want to explore...
we walked for ages and headed down to Blackwattle Bay for a walk around the foreshore ..we promised the boys an ice-cream on the way back to the car just to stop them whinging!
...I needed a coffee so it was a good chance to stop and buy one too!

some more Glebe walks
found   here and a Glebe guide here 

* photos taken by me


  1. Never expected a PappaRich in Down Under...

  2. I haven't been to Glebe for years. I need to rectify that. It was once one of my favourite suburbs to visit but I am in Sydney for work so often I don't come back down on weekends to play much anymore.

  3. Miss Lime -There's few around town...always so popular so they.must be doing something good!! You should Kate...once on a while its nice to explore. Its one of my favorite surburbs...

  4. I love Glebe, I lived on Wigram Road for a couple of years when my oldest daughter was little. She loved going for walks in her pram to Blackwattle Bay and I remember doing a ceramics course in the building there that's now a cafe I think. So close to the city as well, sounds like an afternoon well spent as a family. xx

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