February 9, 2015

a meal in a Bowl...

Hello Monday!
I do hope you all had a beautiful weekend...
I spent Sunday evening planning some 'healthy' meals for the week ahead and I'm going to attempt to do this every Sunday to ensure we all eat well during the week, that the pantry and fridge are stocked.
lately Ive been eating on the go, grabbing processed meat and cheese and throwing it in soft processed bread - that's been my lunch lately....ick!
this has not been nutritiuous or good for my digestion.  Something has to change.
These two meals in a bowl look SO good!
they are definetely on my list to try this week.
recipes here 1- Honey Chipolte Chicken bowl 
2 - Warm Roasted Salad bowl 


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipes. As hubby has high blood pressure we cook without salt, we stopped eating pre cooked things and try doing power walk every day. Good luck to your effort!AriadnefromGreece!

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