February 11, 2015

if I had a British accent....

...so this week the British accent got voted as the worlds most attractive...
that was according to some (silly/fun) poll and hey, it even beat the French accent which was a surprise for many romantics!
I think the British accent is a definite winner but then again I've always had a fascination for all things British...
Some of my favorite foodies are British…Yes! I’d be happy to listen to Nigella Lawson all day long.
I used to read her Vogue column back in the day before she hit our TV screens and her use of the English language to tantalise us with food ingredients is something I admire so much!
Even Jamie Oliver, the crazy, playful and highly energetic celebrity chef we all seem to love is delightful to watch and listen to.
Lately I’ve been obsessed with ‘Great British bake off’ and the soothing, calm voice of baker extraordinaire Paul Hollywood
There’s no surprise that most of my favorite male actors are British.
Colin Firth …hello!! 
I was hooked on him ever since I watched the BBC series, ‘Pride & Prejudice’ - I've loved him ever since. Hmmm...
Hugh Grant in ‘Notting Hill’ was amazing too, he has not done much lately, but can you remember how great ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ was? everyone was talking about that movie for so long
… both Colin and Hugh in ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ - hilarious…
Ralph Fiennes in the English Patient (and everything else he has starred in)
...and the whole mix of fine British actors in ‘Love Actually’ - one of my favourite British flicks ever.

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via Lu Green


  1. I think I was once a British, LOL! I love everything British too!AriadnefromGreece!

    1. oh we are so alike Ariadne! Ive had a fascination for England since I was a wee little girl!! at least you are close by...

  2. There's so much variation with the English accent too! I know so many people who go crazy over it :)

  3. Haha, yes it's rather endearing xx


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