February 17, 2015

Scent of Summer

It feels like our Summer has been extended for like ever! not that I'm complaining, its awesome!
I love the sunshine, the extra hours of light in the day especially when I get home from work and I have a ton of things I want to do.
Summer always makes me feel good.  Alive!
I also love Summer scents.  The nose is a powerful tool...scents bring up memories and can transport us, make us feel and remember wonderful things...
My favourite Summer smells are jasmine and honeysuckle - these floral scents always remind me of Cyprus which is one of the worlds Sunniest islands!
...of course salt water and the smell of the sea, fresh herbs in salad, lemon and coconut for a tropical twist. What are you favourite Summer scents?

Some gorgeous Summery scented candles found on Etsy - for that Endless Summer!

Top image by Chris Warnes for Home Beautiful magazine
Candles from top  Jasmine Breeze Soy Candle by TokyoFactory * Fresh Mint & Lime triple wick Candle by Black Arrow Candles *  Watermelon soy Candle by Blue Tapestry * Lychee & Peony Candle by Maison Blanche


  1. I don't want summer to end this year I'm enjoying it to much! I love all the seasonal berries & stone fruit you get in summer and the more casual way of eating, bliss!

    1. I think because we went on our Summer getaway so early on in Summer it just feels like a long time...normally we head off a week before the kids are back at school but this time we went away straight after Christmas! Yes! Love the summer fruit...so good!!

  2. Summer in my country is just approaching and because I'm excited about it and tired of the cold weather, I light up a citrus scented candle instead :)


    1. yes Eleigh! such a great way to get into the mood...I do the same in Winter, I love spice and cinnamon smells...makes everything feel cozy!


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