May 1, 2006

Book wish List

One of my favourite cook book authors, Tessa Kiros has a new book out 'Apples for Jam'
Here is an article on the book with two recipes and another I found on the blog 'Who Wants seconds'

I cant wait to get a copy!
Mothers Day is coming up and maybe if I hint hard enough I'll get it as a gift!!

I have Tessa's book 'Falling Cloudberries'
and its such joy to read as its so beautifully written and the pictures are wonderful! The recipes are easy to follow and what Ive cooked so far is scrumptious!!

She is also of Cypriot heritage as I am, so her little side notes about her family and her time in Cyprus are so familiar and make me smile.


  1. I cannot believe that I come over here and I see MY book. I have told my husband he MUST get me that book for Mother's Day. It is beautifully presented and the recipes are so straightforward. I have my fingers crossed, so will cross them for you too. I just can't go past those little red shoes on the cover though - too cute. I have a thing for red shoes, so that had me even before I opened the book.

  2. the cover is adorable isnt it? Ive flipped through it (so thick) and it looks fantastico!
    Lets hope we get it!

  3. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Did you get Falling Cloudberries? I had this on my wishlist for ages and when I saw a copy in Waterstones, I just HAd to get it! :) My copy is on it's way from :)


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