October 22, 2008

Blogtoberfest - Eye Spy....

what a busy week so far, i havnt had a chance to sit and think!!
i started my book binding course last night, it was a great start to what I think will be a really fun course....I'll have to show you what we make in the coming few weeks!
tommorow I'm home so I'll get a chance to visit all your lovely blogs, and hopefully put aside some time to play with paper & glue!

Continuing on with Kathy's Blogtoberfest - its been great thinking of what to post each day...here are some images that made me think about how curious we are as humans.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

do you ever wonder how other people live, what they keep in their draw, what's behind the curtain?

Top image - Blumarine advertisement
Middle image - Italia Vogue
Bottom image - stunning Paris apartment by MissPomPom


  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Kalimera! I love your photos.Especially the first one.Thanks for stopping by my page.

  2. Whenever I go walking around my area I always wonder who lives in the houses, what their lives are like.

    That Paris apartment shot is gorgeous.

  3. Would love to see some of the bookbinding results. yes I'm curious...that's why I have fun checking in on all the lovely blogs.

  4. Loved that pic of NYC and this one of Paris. Yes, I love looking at/in others homes and wondering...

    I can imagine myself living other lives in other places when I get a glimpse 'inside'.

  5. Gorgeous images and I, like you, am forever wondering what is behind closed doors.

  6. beautiful images! and what a fun class! your blog is lovely :)

  7. I love walking at night because you can see and hear and even smell the goings on in houses. If there lights are on you can peek. I loved doing that in Vietnam. Everyone lives in these places that are pretty open to the street and it all happens on the street. You can walk and become the street.

  8. great to see im not the only curious soul out there...im such a sticky beak! ha!
    Katie - sounds like Cyprus...the homes are always open especially in Summer...people hang out on their verandahs and front gardens, you greet whomever walks by, its quite nice actually, something I miss!

  9. Those are gorgeous pictures. A book binding course, how cool! Can't wait to see and hear more about it.

  10. i adore the pics on your blog...yes that woud be me snooping in the draw...i so wished i looked that good doing it thou...

  11. Ohh you've started you're book binding course! That would be great fun. I want to do that soon!

    I'm a curious person. I like to think what people keep in their drawers, what their spaces look like, what books they have in their shelves etc.

  12. wonderful. hope you have a great ime on your course. looking forward to seeing your books. seems perfect for you!!

  13. Book binding! that;s so great! I love doing short courses and learning new things (even if I never end up using those skills ever again)
    Also,I hope you don't mind that I have passed on a little award to you (details at my blog) you really don't have to play along... up to you!

    Hollie xx

  14. OOh, I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your book-binding course- you'll be able to do some fabulous things with your collages!

  15. Love those pictures - the first and the last are just magic!


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