February 28, 2008

Paper Art Doll fun!!!
Late last year the lovely Bonnie asked me and a few other girls if we'd like to do tutorials for Snap and Scrap, a website she contributes to.
I was thrilled to participate!!
You can see my interview and a tutorial on making Paper Art dolls here - have a look if you like!!

February 27, 2008

Illustration Friday - Multiples
Baby was wondering where all the rabbits had come from?
*i might add some more rabbits...i was in a rush to finish this last night....busy busy*

February 24, 2008

Its 'This is' time again....
This is.... me taking a picture of myself with my favourite accessory (one of many)....
its so weird taking a photo of yourself in the mirror - you look one way and it appears that you are looking another....weird!
the only place with good light and a mirror is my bathroom...so excuse the toilet in the background! ha!
here I am with my 'evil eye' bracelets - they are popular in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey and help to protect you from any gossip or jealousy...i just love the colours!
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February 22, 2008

A Day for Crafting....

i love Fridays!
i have the whole house to myself! ... i have some fresh new magazines that need reading, some laundry to be done but I think Im going to spend the day crafting. Yep! thats what I'll do today!

I found these beautiful Italian upholstery fabric cut offs at Recycled garbage last year - love the pastel shades - not sure why, but the shades remind me of gelato and sugary iced cakes - i love colours like these!
Im making a heart for Pip's 'I heart Mirabel' project - such a great cause!!
and lots of cut out sewing pattern girls ready to decorate some journals and tags that will then be heading to the ever so cute Lily and Agathe website!

February 19, 2008

Jump for Joy!!

this is how im feeling right now....ive just come back from my orthodontist with 10 blue bands amongst my back teeth!! very very uncomfortable ...but im so happy as Im getting my braces next week!!!

Im such a patient girl...when I first saw him around this time last year i thought id be half way into my treatment by now but after a root canal then surgery to remove a tooth and five fillings (blame the chocolate!) later we were approaching Christmas but he said i was good to go...Hoorah!!...then he said 'My next available appointment is February 08' ....but we're here now and im so glad time goes fast - before you know it I'll have super dooper straight teeth!!

* ATC made by me -Jump for Joy*

February 17, 2008

This is ....What Makes me laugh

My boys make me laugh all the time - love that! Their laugh is infectious! Laughing children is always a joy to hear but my boys are real characters...future comedians maybe?!
we always laugh at Lola (from Charlie & Lola) in our house....

and who can forget 'I love Lucy'...i watch the re-runs on cable and she still makes me laugh!
I also laugh at the 'Home funny video' shows...how sad am I to laugh at peoples pain (and stupidity) ...but its really funny...!
and if Im laughing and I snort laugh then i laugh some more....
I laugh during funny movies like 'The Party' and silly movies like 'Something about Mary' and usually british comedy gets me laughing - from Benny Hill and Faulty Towers to the recent film 'Death at Funeral'
its a crack up!
oh and of course I know when to laugh at myself....we've all had our embarrasing moments..or maybe its just me?!
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February 14, 2008

Illustration Friday - Choose

So many nice shoes out there how do you just choose one pair to buy?

I read something the other day that made me chuckle...

Why do we stay in jobs we hate to buy things we dont need to impress people we cant stand....

makes you wonder huh....do we really need 50 pairs of shoes in our wardrobe?

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

have a wonderful day....

* one of my favourite vintage Valentines Day cards - I won a whole bunch of them on Ebay years ago...this one is a 3D effect...the girls at the front are eyeing the boys at the back....too cute*

February 12, 2008

Sweet Love....
Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.
(to see the details of my flickr mosaic have a look here)

February 11, 2008

Love Potion....
Here are my finished postcards for the Vintage Valentine Postcard swap!! They are on their way and I really hope they make it in time!

whats a good love potion ....

Its having a jolly good belly laugh with your mate....
lots of steamy romantic moments....

and lots of fun & happy days too!

Love should be celebrated everyday but since its a special week of Love Im going to try and post something love related every day this week…spread the love ....

February 10, 2008

This is...Sunday Lunch

Leftovers from last night...i read somewhere that meals should never be planned in the kitchen, only at the Market which makes total sense... but I usually plan my meals with what I feel like eating (thank god my family is not fussy!!) , how much time I have and even the weather can make a difference.

Pasta with meatball sauce went down so well last night as it was raining and wet outside...

Sunday lunch is never a big deal in our household as its the only day of the week that we can get out and do 'stuff' together as a family...today is very sunny in Sydney so after 5 days of constant rain we were out all morning.

Sometimes we eat out or head down to the fish markets for lunch, some days my parents invite us for a Sunday BBQ lunch and they always end up cooking enough food for 50 people... most times its a quick bite as its Sunday dinner that is always a planned sit down meal...we settle in for the evening, have an early dinner and get ready for another busy week.

Last week I made this and it was such a hit I'm cooking the same thing tonight with some fresh Snapper I bought from the fish shop yesterday....Yum!

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February 8, 2008

Lacy Web of Love....

Ive had such a nice day off today - Ive been making Valentines Day postcards for a swap im involved in - here is a peek of the back, I'll show you the front once Im done adding all the finishing touches.....almost there now and out the door they need to go!
A couple of weeks ago I found this vintage image in a magazine - the lady was holding a dollar sign so I thought this lady needs to know that its LOVE not money that makes the world go round...money helps of course but no sireeee.... it wont make you happy!!!
so I had to add a little heart...a love pill.....Im going to use it for a Valentines Card for my man...
Have a fun day everyone!

February 6, 2008

Illustration Friday - Blanket

a simple and quick illustration this week...ive been so busy with work and not much me time boo-hoo....

February 3, 2008

This is.....My Collection

This week's theme is a good one! Cant wait to see everyone's collections.... I collect a few things but here are some of my vintage swap & playing cards, love the images and fun illustrations, and being so small they are a tidy collectable!

I also adore Vintage children's books, i have some on display and most stored away from the boys, these are MY special books heehee....again, the illustrations are what makes my heart skip a beat - super sweet!! maybe its the little girl within me that doesn't want to grow up.....oh and cute little decorative pieces are another fav!! there's my 1940's baby and little Miss Muffet, an old Avon perfume bottle found at Rozelle flea Markets for 30cents...

To see everyone's This is....go to Angela's blog!

February 2, 2008

Free Inspiration

Have you seen the free E-Zine that Erin of Design for Man Kind created? its gorgeous!!! with so many beautiful images and fantastic links!

Im thrilled that after seeing my entry for a Decor8 competition, Erin asked me if Id like to be involved in the zine ...Im on page 16 if you want to see....

you can down load the free zine HERE

February 1, 2008

Illustration Friday - TAles & Legends

Emma's favourite thing to do was read Fairy Tales and dream about her Prince charming....

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