June 1, 2009

EyeSpy: My Morning Ritual
My boys are my alarm clock - most morning they run to our bedroom (way too early) to have a morning snuggle with mum ( i love that!). Somedays I make the effort to wake up before everyone and its a real pleasure to enjoy a cup of tea in silence....
once the boys are up its then full on rush rush to get ready and out the door by 8am - they just want to play and watch cartoons so it gets crazy!
on the days I dont work its not as bad and we even walk to school which is always nice.

I made a cheesecake on Saturday - some of the girls wanted the recipe so here goes,
250g biscuits (crushed)
100g butter melted
mix together and press onto the bottom of pie dish or tin

whip together
250g cream cheese
Juice of 1 lemon
200g condensed milk

in seperate bowl whip 200ml thick cream
mix whipped cream with cheese mixture - pour ontop of the biscuits and refrigerate for 2-3hrs
i then crushed a 'peppermint crisp' chocolate on top for decoration.


  1. Gosh that cheesecake looks scrummy!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

    Jess :)

  2. Thanks for the recipe AC! Perhaps us DUSTers should all do a blog post after we've made them. Imagine all the different kinds on offer...

  3. AC I completely understand what your mornings are like, mine are much the same.
    I'm going to write this recipe down and have a go, it looks so yummy xx

  4. The cheesecake sounds yummy.

  5. The snuggle sounds nice, though I think the cup of tea in peace sounds like bliss!

    I make a cheesecake very similar to your recipe. Its a winner isn't it! Yours looks delicious.

  6. Hi!!!that cake looks really really yummy!we have the morning ritual in common,I too love to be up early before everybody to enjoy my coffee!hope you are all fine and well(sure looks that way!)hugs to you xoxo

  7. Thanks for the recipie. It looks and sounds yummy x

  8. Your mornings sound quite lovely-love that cheesecake-I too am a peppermint crisp fan-yummy!

  9. The cheesecake looks delish!
    I always try to get up earlier than the kids so I can get a moment of silence and some computer time without having to pour cereal and such! I wish my 3yr old would cuddle instead of jumping on me in bed!

  10. Hi Anastasia. Boys are adorable aren't they? Especially at the age they are at. I don't want mine to grow but ofcourse that isn't possible lol.
    Have a lovely new month :)

  11. Daphne10:04 AM

    Will have to try that recipe - cake looks gorgeous!

  12. The cheesecake looks fantastic! Yum.

  13. I love those quiet moments in the morning by myself. Ms L is usually up before me so I really enjoy the occasions where I'm up first.

  14. Whoa...cheesecake. My downfall. Have to make that SOON!


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