April 30, 2009

Coffe + Cake

yesterday the boys went back to school after Term 1 holidays, i think it was a sigh of relief from most parents as they left the school grounds as having kids at home all day long, i think most will agree, is just hard work!

Peter was my eldest was constantly bored always asking me what he can do - i knew that meant he wanted to play computer games but I kept giving him other suggestions which again bought on the same banter 'Im bored...Im so bored....'

anyway i met up with my sister and friend Patty straight after the school drop off for coffee and cake.
We went to 'Pasticceria Papa', an italian bakery in Haberfield which is an area where many Italians settled after immigrating to Sydney in the 60's...so the area still has some of the traditional shops and food that I just love to visit
Delicious treats to eat and great coffee as well!
I also bought something savoury for my lunch at home (too tempting not to!) as well as some extra Cannoli for Andrew and the boys....it was a nice way to start the day!

April 29, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday....
A little bit of Luxe, such beautiful shades of colour!

Dusk Rain sterling silver earrings
by 'Realisationcreations'
Natalia's pieces are stunning!

Haunted Bloom Corsage by 'Bonzie'

and i love the pretty detail on this clutch 'all about a Violet Bow' by DavieandChiyo

for more 'wishlist Wednesday' posts check out Carley's blog! im off to make some hot tea as im freezing!! See you later!

April 26, 2009

EyeSpy: A Work In Progress....
i always seem to have something in a work in progress stage...i still have a needlecraft project that Ive been doing for a few years now, its beyond embarrasing!
Im currently working on a wholesale order that I hope to finish this week and my little shop despretely needs some new items as its feeling a little neglected right now...
Pip's 'Granny square a day' challenge looks tempting...i always get in a crocheting mood when the weather cools down!

i have yet to finish Nancy's online class, 'Creative mixed media backgrounds', that I enrolled in March - almost two months ago!
I did make sure that I can work on it at my own pace as I know what Im like .... a slow pace thats for sure!
anyway i think its great to have a few creative things going on!
thanks Michelle for this week's theme and be sure to check out Cindy's blog to see who is playing along with EyeSpy!

April 24, 2009

A Luckie girl....
Yes i am!
the lovely Cathy of Tinniegirl fame,
and i decided to do a swap - one of her gorgeous Luckie boxes full of vintage paper goodness for some of my papergoods,
i have yet to make them but they will be out in the mail soon
(promise Cathy!!) My cute Luckie box
is full of fun papers to play with, i love the vintage wallpaper!

and today my Lucky magazine came in the mail -this mag is so good!
no ridiculous high priced high end designer pieces, no silly 'it' bags of the season, just great fashion, great street style & looks, wonderful styling
... even though I cant shop what I see since its an american mag (better for my savings) each issue totally inspiring!
Hey did you hear The Sartorialist is in Australia!!
he and his girlfriend,
Garance Dore are currently in Melbourne and will be in Sydney on Monday for Fashion week - Australian style (L'Australie style)
cant wait to see what they shoot for their blogs!
There's a great interview on Garance Dore here if you want to read a bit more...
have a wonderful night!!

April 23, 2009

Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking....

taking my boys to the local cafe for babycinno's and a strong soy cappucino for me...a good chance to get out and do some people watching too...
See you all later!

*image from Australian Marie Claire*

April 22, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday
a bit of travel fun this week....

adorable 'Creme Brulee' pochette
$27, by 'Wheresbeckybean'
made from
vintage Souvenir tea towel (how clever!)

Next we have 'Viva La France' necklace $12 by 'Ourteaparty'

and a gorgeous
'Japan' sterling silver necklace
$40, by

For more Wishlist Wednesday posts
check out Carley's lovely blog

April 20, 2009

Eye Spy: Magic Elixir

Pick me up drink

2 bananas (fresh, not the candy variety although that sugar rush is a great pick me up too)
1.5 cups milk
splash or squeeze or orange juice
1 Tablespoon honey

Blitz it all up in your blender and drink for an energy boost - and if you are game enough you can even add a raw egg too!
serves 2-3

Thanks to Amy at BadSkirt for this week's theme and head over to Cindy's blog to see more EyeSpy entries!

April 18, 2009

Baking + Drawing....
Its Greek Easter this weekend so Andrew and I are hosting Easter lunch tommorow - its been a busy past few days trying to clean the house and look after the boys who are both on school holidays! hard work!
On Thursday my sis and I went over to our parents to make our traditional Flaounes (Cypriot Easter pies) we didnt make as many as we normaly and we've eaten quite a few so not too many left right now...
I even found some time to draw....did this last night before we headed off to Easter mass and

and did this one last week....
flickr group.
have a fun weekend my friends!!

April 16, 2009

EyeSpy: A Suprise

im a bit late for my EyeSpy entry this week but a trip to 'Reverse Garbage' was where I found some suprises...normally the fabric section has lots of samples - tatty cottons, carpet and other industrial type of fabrics but look what I came across!

lace samples and lots of them too!
i love lace!
and then a good rummage around was totally worth it as I found some more white cotton and silk lace strips...i dont need huge quantities,
with my paper crafts Im happy
with smaller pieces...very very happy!!!

April 15, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday!!!

a bit of ladylike inspiration this week

stunning crochet
'Leith necklace'

'Damask tote bag'
( i love love everything
in this shop!!)

'I do like tea' ACEO
by Sydney artist,
tabidesigns - super sweet illustrations!

For more Wishlist Wednesday posts
check out Carley's blog

April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!
Hope you all had a lovely time!
Greek Easter is next week so we get to do it all over again but im steering away from the chocolate eggs this time....i think ive
overdosed on the sweet stuff!
Back to work tommorow but then im off for the rest of the week...ive got a lot on with both boys being at home and some Greek Easter prepartions too...
Just wanted to let you know that Christine featured me on her blog and so I made some retro girly tags for a giveaway too - would love for you to enter! here is the link

April 8, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday
today im feeling red.....
Daisy bunch zipper pouch from poppylane

Hip Zola Jones Z bag by ZolaJones

and a very pretty necklace
by Mandy of Beadsme (she's one funny lady)
Thanks to Carley for hosting Wishlist Wednesday!!!

April 7, 2009

Dilemma of the Week

do I cut my hair???

i know i know - in the scheme of things (economic crisis, people losing their jobs, crazy people with guns) Im being really silly with my dilemma
but hey my hair is the longest its ever being so its a hard decision ....im yearning for a change....those sleek shoulder length styles are looking really great right now
but then again I need to remind myself I do not look like Gwyneth Paltrow (current favourite celeb hairdo!)
anyway Ive made an 8.00am appointment for this Saturday.....so thats 3 days to ponder....
Images via Flickr

April 6, 2009

EyeSpy: A New Development
i didnt think i had anything new happening lately but then I remembered some exciting news

* Andrew and I are off to New York City for 2 weeks in September....now thats very exciting (id love to hear any must do, must see, must eat tips).
I cant wait, im feeling the mother guilt pangs though as Ive never left my boys for that long!!

*my paper goods will be stocked in two new shops soon and also on a very cool online shop (more details to come soon!)

*I made some fun things for Ruby St Designs

Kris' whimsy pocket kits are so beautiful and I loved the challenge - i went for that vintage romantic look (more pics to come soon)

Thanks to Christina for this week's theme this be sure to check out Cindy's blog if you'd like to play along!

April 4, 2009

Plodding along....

Ive just been so busy lately...today I planned to stay home and create but Andrew decides he wants to play golf so I had a quick hour to do laundry this morning, then race off to Peter's soccer match, home for lunch, bath the boys then race off to a kiddy birthday party all afternoon, now Im back home again - my house is upside down, so messy! ughhh!

Im not cooking dinner so I think it will be takeout Thai for us tonight and then maybe I can sit, relax and finish some things im working on.....

On Thursday night i went to the
Curvy exhibition opening night and saw some great illustrations including one by this talented girl
I also got to meet Fernanda who came all the way from Brazil to be at the opening night...here she is in front of her gorgeous illustrations!
I hope to go again as the exhibition is on until 17th April - that way I can have another look at my own leisurely pace....

April 1, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday....
time for 'Wishlist Wednesday'...more beautiful Etsy finds!
by Boston artist Jillrosenwald

Lazy Dazy bracelet by Jacarandadesigns
Super pretty!!
and gorgeous earrings ' Verdigris' by the lovely Gillian of Eclecticmoi

for more Wishlist Wednesday posts check out Carley's blog
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