August 31, 2009

EyeSpy: something Soothing

I havnt had a chance to update my blog in days - i had a very busy week with no days off, an even busier weekend with house chores, lots of washing and ironing, grocery shopping, little kids birthday parties, friends visiting ....and now its Monday again!

This week's EyeSpy theme: something Soothing is just what i is my list of Soothing things

*a cup of sweet milky tea

*cuddles and hugs from my boys - i love when they just sit close and need to be near...its so sweet and I encourage it a lot - hope its always like this!

*comfort food like warm custard, rice pudding or homemade soup ....yum yum!

*cool cotton sheets. A few years back I bought some 1000 thread count sheets on sale - so worth it! They are extremely soothing to lie down on after a long day.....

*Candles - i always used to think candles in the home to be dust collectors but recently I started using them often, lighting them in the evenings or when Im alone - now am completely hooked! Im currently burning
Natasha Burns's handmade soy candles, love her 'Tuberose' fragrance!!

no time for new pictures so here is one I took a while back now.....actually i think i need a cup of tea now!

August 26, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday:Crisp-y
love this kind of timeless style....its very crisp and fresh!
hope you enjoy my picks this Wednesday!

and Gorgeous beach bags by PloylyMingzyBb
For more Wishlist Wednesday posts checkout Carley's lovely blog

August 24, 2009

Eye Spy: Something I want to make

right now its all about recycling paper scraps - i tend to keep most of my paper cut most of my paper goods are collage style I hate throwing away anything - I have them all stored in a box
so I'm always looking for new things to make with them!

spotted this beautiful magnet project by
Tara Anderson the other day - they look amazing and I do love Tara's style and aesthetic. you can see her instructions HERE

I also spotted these on Leah's blog -

'sweet as lollipops' handmade by Petrina for her upcoming market stall - So wonderful !!

loads more simple project ideas HERE many things so little time!

August 20, 2009

New Cards.....

I recently made a whole bunch of new collage cards, tags and other paper goodies for the awesome Sydney shop 'Retrospections'.
If you're ever in Cammeray, make sure you pop in and say 'hello' to the lovely Justine who is a great supporter of handmade!

my own little Etsy shop is a little neglected right now - im currently making a few retro inspired 'Fathers Day' cards and hope to pop them in the shop by Saturday....the lovely Angela at Leeloo
also stocks my retro girl cards!
so we're counting down to Fathers Day, counting down to Spring, counting down to our NYC life all about counting down? seems that way....have a FAB day everyone!

August 19, 2009

August 17, 2009

EyeSpy....something red

...when I was in my late teens I always used to wear bright red lipstick thinking I was very grown up,
dont think Id like it much now as im so used to natural shades of lipgloss

Not much red in my home, I did find some red paper scraps amongst my papers, think I'll have to make some 'red' inspired cards.

i also found this wonderful red house (via Heather Bailey's flickr set)
how cool is that?
it stand so proud amongst the other houses and shouts 'hey, look at me!'

and of course the colour RED makes me think of Coca Cola ...this vintage ad shows how it was marketed as a tonic for those drowzy moments when you need a pick me up!
nowdays its just one of those evil drinks that is SO ladden with sugar it makes you super perky then even more also makes you burp really loud (very ladylike...Not!) For more EyeSpy posts check out Cindy's lovely blog

August 14, 2009

An Attempt

...sometimes you just need to
leave things in the hands of professionals...

these look more like flat biscuits than macaroons but hey it was my first attempt at French Macaroons (a la Laduree Style)
it didnt stop us from eating them! the coffee cream centre was really yummy...

reminds me of the food blog project that became a book and now a new film

Julie and Julia

i enjoyed the book so looking forward to seeing Merryl Streep (as Julia) and Amy Adams (as Julie) in the film! you can see the trailer here and how they re-created Julia Child's kitchen here

August 13, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - The Librarian
This weeks Wishlist Wednesday was inspired by an illustration i did a couple of weeks ago for a Fashionable Challenge.
The theme was 'Librarian chic' all librarians wear pussyknot blouses, glasses and sensible shoes? .... i doubt it....sometimes its fun to stereotype

and cute

For more Wishlist Wednesday posts check
out Carley's lovely blog

August 11, 2009

Black Feature Walls....
ive noticed more magazines featuring rooms that have solid black or dark walls? you think its too harsh?
or does it create a cocoon-like atmosphere thats cosy and warm...

It sure looks great with other bright colours & makes the features pop!
theres a really modern graphic feel about it!
I quite like it!

* All images from Domino magazine which sadly is no longer around but there is a Domino group on Flickr so head that way for more FAB images*

August 10, 2009

EyeSpy: Inspiration

So many things inspire me, its so hard to list a few....
right now its white kitchens (im SO tempted to paint our tired one!), french style Almond macaroons ( i found an easy recipe that I plan to try very soon),
interior books/magazines (dreaming of a new home)

yesterday we woke up early as you do when you have little ones, so we all headed to Rozelle for something to eat and a trip to the weekend flea market.
Some great bric brac stalls, it was freezing though so we didnt stay for too long!
I found a lady who sold vintage sewing notions so I got these pretty buttons and cotton lace trim to use in my papergoods. Lovely ric-rac and some pretty purple satin ribbon as well as a couple of vintage golden books...i'll have to visit her again sometime!
i really regret not buying a little floral porcelein trinket box...oh well maybe next time...if its still there then its meant to be! Flea markets are always a great source of inspiration....

August 8, 2009

Bang Bang

Hip in the 1960's, hip now, Fringes (or Bangs) - I like them!

Ive had one for a while then i tried to grow it out but last week I decided to cut it short again, now its a little too short but its just hair will grow right?!

We have thick curly hair in my family and so it can be a challenge - there's pictures of my mum during the 60's with her ironed hair set to perfection!
I think it frames face and makes the eyes appear larger - now, if only i perfect the Anna Karina eye makeup Im set to go!

other vintage fringe inspirations
Francoise Hardy , Jane Birkin and some 1960's hair inspiration!
* images of Anna Karina from Google Images*

August 6, 2009

EyeSpy: A Collection

So how much of 'something' do you need before it becomes a collection?
i never really considered myself a collector but maybe I should as I seem to have a lot of 'stuff' that means a lot to me....

i do love vintage childrens books and have quite a few lovely ones but I dont buy as many these days as we seem to have run out of space in our home and on the bookshelves.

I also love vintage swap and playing cards, the images are darling so if I find any at the flea market or thrift shop I scoop them up and take them home, these are small so easy to store away in a safe place!
Ebay is also a good place to hunt for vintage cuteness but I tend to go a little crazy sometimes with my bids so i try to avoid it heheee

August 3, 2009

Colour Combination: Purple + Green

Beautiful on their own as a stand out colour but spectacular when teamed together!

Two of my favourite shades!
Top from
Coastal Living,
Purple room from
Domino magazine, fashion image from GRAZIA
and retro 'Reflect' greeting card made by me

August 2, 2009

When you're stressed need chocolate!!

and what better than rich, dense and gooey chocolate brownies
For a good 20 hours my beloved blog had disappeared! vanished!.... gone!!
i was totally stressed, no one at Google was getting back to me,
no one could help.
Apparently i wasnt the only one...but still, i was really freaking out...
ive been blogging for a long time & my blog means a lot to me!
but phew! its back....we're back...I can relax now
brownie recipe - this is from Good Taste 1999 calendar, its the only brownie recipe I use!
150g walnuts - lightly toast then set aside
mix 1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essencse
beat until pale
then add 200 g melted cooking chocolate.
sift 1/2 cup plain flour, 1/4 cocoa powder & 1/2 tspn baking powder
over the chocolate mixture and combine with metal spoon. fold in your walnuts
then bake in lined tin in a preheated oven (170 degrees celsius) for 35mins
remove and cool in pan, turn onto board then cut into large squares. Enjoy!

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