August 31, 2010

simple Fashion illustrations

i love these line illustrations
the best...
only because im not confident when i colour things in,
i always think im going to ruin my illo if i keep going....
for me, less is more

illustrations done by me
Flickr Group
(anyone who loves fashion illustrating can come and join in)
A Week of Fashion - Mix it Up!

Do you think its wrong to tear out magazine pages whilst at the doctors or hairdressers or any other waiting room?
if i see or read something i like, i go for it...i sometimes ask, i sometimes just tear carefully hoping no one can see or hear me... haha
These two images are tear outs that are now in my 'inspiration' clippings folder, the only problem is i have no idea who the photographer is?

but i do love how the stylist has mixed up the patterns and textures in her outfit
...nautical stripes + embellished lace + a dotted scarf - its casual elegance in neutral tones
and the bottom image
tiny florals + ethnic print
- it looks perfect together, im even loving the boho mix up in the rooms!
it just works!

August 29, 2010

Much Love Monday
Its 'A week of Fashion' on my blog this week - im going to attempt to blog daily (nightly, once the boys are asleep) so tune in!
this week im also loving
* Monday night TV - The City at 8.30pm
then im going to settle in and watch the Emmy Awards
* Countdown to Spring!
*Witchery's Bobby Bucket bag - lovely!!
*image by Liz Ham
have a FAB week ahead everyone!
for more
Much Love Monday posts
head on over to Anna's lovely blog

August 27, 2010

A Girl Called.....Amanda
Many of you might already know Amanda, the lovely girl behind the popular Calico & Co blog but for those that dont im SO happy to feature her today - that way you can all get to meet her!

Amanda is a busy graphic designer,
a keen blogger who supports handmade, indie artists and crafters.
Not only does she love all things visually beautiful, Amanda loves paper goods and has recently launched her wonderful paper goods range, Lemon Tree Lane - her cards and prints pop with colour!

Hi Amanda!
Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you?
I am currently being inspired by the work of artist Blanca Gomez. I love that her style is bold, colourful and friendly, but there is a sophistication to her colour palette and style that I also find very, very appealing.
I am also being inspired by classic and retro patterns and all kinds of typography.

* Name 3 things you couldn’t live without right now?
1. Definitely my iMac. It contains most of my world and what is a Graphic Designer without her computer I ask you?
2. Magazines of all kinds and genres. I love them all and they contain so much inspiration for layout, content, again typography and more.
3. A smoothie each day. I love a good fruit smoothie and with the added bonus of some nutrient powder my immune system is slowly building after a few years of being unwell.

* Can you define to us, your personal style?
My personal style in terms of what I like is a mix of mid-century design and Scandinavian chic… in terms of my designing, I guess I would say it is colourful [I LOVE colour] graphic in the sense that I use strong shapes and patterns and minimal.
I don’t like to fill the whole space with designed elements. You should never be afraid of white space!

* if you could go back in time, what would you tell your teenage self?
I would tell my teenage self to trust her own intuition and not rely on the opinions of others. Her sixth sense about people and life is much stronger and more actuate than she realises. I would also tell her how important it is that she learn to love herself and do what is best for herself mentally, physically and emotionally.
Finally I would tell her that the next several years would be tough and seemingly impossible to overcome, but that step-by-step if she keeps holding on, things will get better!

* Amanda, your blog and work always looks amazing - what are your favourite colours?
I am so drawn to soft-mid turquoise at the moment.
I love that it is fresh and light and happy.
It has a great 50s feel to it and pairs so well with yellows, pinks/corals and so many other colours!

* What do you love about your City?
There is so much to love about Sydney.
The Harbour, the bridge, the Opera House, the hustle and bustle, the shopping, the book stores, the food and so much more. My favourite areas of Sydney are Paddington for the quirky shops and gorgeous terrace houses and The Rocks for the history and atmosphere. Living out in the South Western suburbs I get to experience a side of the larger Sydney area most Inner City and North Shorers never see and that’s the amazing mix of cultures that have descended on Sydney. Just 30 minutes drive in a few directions and you can be transported to China, or the Middle East for a few hours and experience their rich cultures, but then easily go back to the comfort of your own home.
It’s quite amazing!

* Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
My favourite quote is actually by my Dad who passed away in 2004.
“Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count!” I have actually turned this quote into a print you can frame and hang on your wall. Take a look at it here

Thanks so much Amanda! it was a pleasure to interview you and include you in my 'A Girl Called...' series.
to see more of Amanda and her work, check out all her links

Etsy store
Madeit store
Calico & Co Blog
Lemon tree lane facebook
Calico & co facebook

August 24, 2010

Etsy pretties: a hint of red....
A Kitchen Update....
Just spoke to my kitchen guy and looks like our new kitchen is almost ready - he'll be here to remove my current kitchen next week.
yayy! i cant wait!!

well i can wait for the mess that will be happening in my house but its going to be worth it as its not every day you get a new kitchen right?!
We've gone with a simple shaker style cabinet design in matte 'Antique White' and Im definetely having a subway tile splashback...
my kitchen guy suggested a sleek stone splashback ( my friend Julie said my kitchen guy has expensive taste haha)
but im a simple girl and the plan wasn't to go overboard
with the new kitchen as our budget was tight... id be very very happy with a subway tile splashback.
i love the classic look of them anyway!

We did however fork out a little more for ceasar stone im getting giddy with excitement!

When we first thought about
a new kitchen, our discussed budget was ridiculously tight that we were too emabarassed to let them know but suprisingly
3 out of the 4 quotes we got, were under budget
so do shop around - it is possible to get what you want!!

stay tuned for Before and After shots!

* Kitchen images from Country Living USA*

August 22, 2010

At My house....
I had a lovely little nanna nap this afternoon, it was very indulgent of me but i couldnt help it...
I spent the morning spring cleaning ( the weather is feeling very Spring-y in Sydney - love it!)
and catching up on housechores.

I washed our curtains, lots of woollens and then I moved onto the ironing pile whilst watching back to back issues of Martha Stewart on TV.
Its been busy in our household...hubby was away skiing all of last week and so i was going to bed very late!
Once i had my little ones fed, bathed and in bed by 8pm, the evenings was mine to be enjoyed!
i crafted and watch DVDs and all the TV shows i love, I also joined in on some Twitter fun, decluttered, blogged, baked and read but after 5 late nights paying for it now and on top of that i have an ear infection!
not good!
so this week my plan is to take it nice and's hoping for a FAB week ahead!

for more 'At my House' posts head on over to Lou's lovely blog
*Tags and fabric tape in my shop
* 'Dress Tags ' Im making for Retrospections in Cammeray
*a glimpse of my inspiration board

August 18, 2010

WishList Wednesday: If you go down to the woods today.....

Top image by Mario Testino * My Cup of Tea by Yennie *
Handmade Ruffled Neck Warmer Scarf by MegnificentCo
* Spooky Owl Card by ShannaMichelleDesigns

P.S Have you heard about Craft Gossip's
'Win your Etsy Wishlist competition'
- hope I win so i can win all those FAB items!!

August 16, 2010

The Vintage Wedding Dress....
Beautiful inspiration!

60's inspired heavy lace and baby doll dotted veil * 1900's restored wedding dress from The Vintage wedding dress Company, UK * Luke & Joanne - the bride's adorable dress is from a local vintage store * Angie & Tyson - this bride scored big time with an amazing $5 thrifted wedding dress!

August 14, 2010

A Girl called Louise....

Happy Saturday everyone!
Ive just made myself a warm cup of tea and its the first time ive had a chance to sit down today! phew!

so this afternoon I have another awesome girl id love for you to all meet - im really enjoying this feature as there are many interseting & creative woman out there and Louise is definetely one
of them!
Having worked in fashion and lifestyle magazines as a Creative Director, Louise is now the owner of
home decorating shop 'Table Tonic'
gorgeous cushions, stunning Juju hats, Moroccan wedding blankets and super funky Moroccan Pouffes in fun bright colours!
add to your Christmas wishlist people, everything is just gorgeous!!!

Louise also has an awesome blog where she updates daily and shares with us her inspirations, elegant interior images and snippets of her life as a busy mum.

So Louise, what is currently inspiring you?
Modernism, 50's architecture, Morocco and India.
And colour. Always!

Name 3 things you couldn't live without right now?
Caffeine. Magazines. The internet ( me: yes, I can relate to that!!!)

Can you define to us, your personal style?
I don't even know that I have a personal style (yet!), but if I had to describe it, I would say "bit-of-everything-chic"!
Making a home or room look fabulous is so often about what you leave out, not what you put in. I think that's a great design mantra.

If you could go back in time,what would you tell your teenage self?
What my mother has been telling me all these years - "Spend twice as much, half as often and invest in quality, rather than quantity".

What are your favourite colours (or colour combinations)?
I always seem to gravitate towards warm, earthy colours - orange, yellow, tan, greens even. But right now, although I'm not really a "pink person", I'm loving bursts of magenta - that really bright Rajasthani magenta.

What do you love about your City?
I feel truly spoilt living in Sydney, and even more so after having been to a foreign country/city. We just seem to have everything at arms reach, the bush, the beach, the best restaurants, produce...

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
So many brilliant quotes spring to mid, but decor-wise, I love Diana Vreeland's very famous quote: "Pink is the Navy Blue of India".

For more of Louise, check out her

* All images are of Louise's stylish home*

August 12, 2010

Splash of Citrus
why hello to pretty bakers twine!!!
dont you just love it??
its so simple but so versatile and these Vitamin C loaded colours are a true delight!!!
New Bakers Twine colours in my shop now!

* for some lovely gift wrap ideas have a look here*

August 8, 2010

Almost Spring....
not long until Spring and after such a warm lovely weekend, I cant wait!
some images to get us in the mood for the upcoming new season and sunnier days...

hope you all have a great start to a new week!

Top: Country Living
Middle : Sarah Kaye
Bottom: Petrina Tinslay

August 3, 2010

these intimate images remind me of Mills & Boon type novels ( not that i ever was a fan of Mills & Boon haha...) i do love the artwork though....fluffy young love, hints of whats to come...very grown up!

*Top image painted by Ernest (Tasso) Chiriaka (1913-2010), an American raised Greek who sadly died this year aged 96!

*Middle and Bottom images by American painter Coby Whitmore (1913-1988)

Images from my Flickr Favourites

August 1, 2010

Much Love Monday....
(plus a feature, a winner and lots of gratitude)

today im feeling the love!
i had a very 'bland' weekend, ive just been so tired lately, my days have been long and ive been extremely overwhelmed & unorganized.
today i woke up feeling great...Im looking forward to a fresh new week and a fresh new month!

some things Im loving right now
*Winter Sunshine
*Homemade Lasagne - made a large batch on Saturday - delicious!
*an empty ironing basket - woohoo! my irnoning pile is all finished and packed away (...for now at least!)

Last week my Retro Girl tags were featured in 'The Sydney Magazine' , a teeny tiny image but it was still such a thrill and super exciting for me!! thanks to everyone for your lovely comments ....((hugs))
I also wanted to thank Nancy of Wolf and Willow who asked me to be one of her guest bloggers whilst she was off skiing in NewZealand - super cool, i love her blog!!
here is my guest post if you want to see.

and of course the end of July means that it was time for my montly Giveway again are drawn from all my blog followers....
July's winner is Marthese from Romantic Flair - Yayyy!

for more 'Much Love Monday ' posts' or to play along head on over to Anna's blog

*Top image found via Google images*

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