February 29, 2012

Vintage Life: Hollywood Awards Season

Did you all enjoy the Academy Awards the other night?

Hooray for Hollywood!
I always look forward to Award Season -
I don't get to the cinema much these days and I have a ton of movies that I want to watch - the list is growing!

Thought Id share some vintage Hollywood 'Awards Night' Glamour - beautiful, elegant and classy!!
(beats stars like Angelina and her bony knee flash? )

* Natalie Wood & Warren 1962 Academy Awards
Best Movie: West Side Story
*James Dean & Ursula Andress 1955
*Paul & Joanne Newman 1958

February 26, 2012

Etsy Picks of the Week - a Rustic Wedding
some beautiful decor details for a handmade inspired wedding - Etsy has so many wonderful ideas!

I also spotted these two great online wedding magazines which I thought Id share
MAGrouge (blog here)

Enjoy the inspiration!!

February 21, 2012

A Girl called Jayde
I've been keen to start my 'creative girl' series for 2012, the year so far has been way busier than expected... but I'm thrilled to be able to introduce creative girl Jayde, the lovely owner of
'Little Paper Lane', a gorgeous shop in Sydney's Mona Vale offering gorgeous paper goods and unique gifts.

Welcome Jayde!

Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you? people.....i have started to follow some very inspiring people on Twitter and instagram and i just get overwhelmed by how much a photo into their lives or a little snippet of their day seems to brighten my own day and inspire whatever i might be doing that particular day!

It could be something as simple as a persons lunch every day...it seems silly, but you get a tiny insight into who that person is and how they live! People have always fascinated me...Hard working woman especially really drive me to be a better person!

What are you currently reading? I just read the Hunger Games trilogy. I am housebound right now with my pregnancy and due to some not-so-fun pain, I cant seem to read anything too "deep" and had read reviews about the books and holy moly they suck you in!! It only took me four days to read all 3 books because I couldn't put them down! I'm also reading my mags religiously! 'Inside out', 'Real Living', 'House and Garden' and 'Cosmo pregnancy' are my favs...Magazines are both work and fun (such a tough job ha-ha) so nothing too intense right now. I still have to finish 'The Girl with the dragon tattoo' but i may have to wait until I don't have such pregnant brain!!

Name 3 things you couldn't live without right now? My husband and son, my Macbook and Foxtel TV.... i have to do everything from my bed right now and working wouldn't be possible without my lovely laptop!! My husband is doing EVERYTHING ...he always does a lot but he is in the shop, buying groceries, washing clothes, making kindy lunches and bringing me cold mineral water all the time and my son who is 4, is a very big helper as well, he makes me laugh and brings me bowls of grapes and bottles of water - such a sweet little human, so caring like his daddy!

Do you have a favourite colour (or colour combinations)? Oooo i am loving pinks and peachy colours together right now! i think mainly because I have a baby girl on the way so I'm looking at the world a little differently, but i even love hot pink and orange together right now!!

What do you love about your City? Well Sydney is my city and i do love it but i honestly don't spend much time in the actual city centre! We live 50 minutes North in Avalon and we have beautiful beaches and cafe's and new little funky boutiques popping up all the time so i do get stuck in this Northern Beaches bubble (especially now) but its so relaxed here and a great place to just sit outside by the water and have a little meal or drink with friends and my son Iggy gets lots of outside time here...i like my surroundings to be relaxed and it definitely is here!

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us? I only know cheesy quotes ha-ha but one that i like that my mum always told me was "90% of the things we worry about, dont eventuate" and i try and remember that because I really don't want a stressful life! Its just something that always stuck with me and it seems to work because I'm pretty chilled even when i do feel stressed, I don't turn into a crazy person, I just manage to get on with it!

Thanks so much Jayde! its bee nice chatting with you!

to see more of Jayde and news about 'Little Paper Lane'
you can visit
her on facebook
blog, twitter and a website coming soon too!

February 15, 2012

a Dottie Life...
I was super happy to finally get my hands on Tif's book!
i always seem to leave things to the last minute and Allison had sold out of them over at Lark, so I thought Id try my luck and contact Tif directly.
Yayy for me - she had some copies left and was planning to list over on her Etsy shop...but sadly as I was sleeping they sold out in a snap!
I guess she felt sorry for me as after pleading she listed one just for moi!! Nice!

Dottie Angel: The Peachy Crafty World of Tif Fussell - i've always loved Tif's blog, Dottie Angel,
and her book is such a cozy
comforting delight!
it has cute stitching detail and a postcard on the textured cover, comes with a small envelope of craft bits and pieces
and is full of beautiful photos and inspirations!

top pic - by me
Middle/Bottom - via Dottie Angel, Circle of Crocheted Goodness and Handy Dandy Decal Jars

February 13, 2012

Inspiration Now: Wild Floral

Currently loving dark untamed palette of florals - luxurious!

Lisa Ho's Winter12 collection featured similar prints, some call them Wallpaper prints
but im loving Caroline's vintage gown - what a find!
Garance has a great interview with Caroline, she has awesome style!

February 11, 2012

Wedding Decor Tags...
You know I love weddings - time, patience and love is spent planning to get the details, the look and the whole day perfect!
A lovely bride-to-be, Tara,
contacted me after spotting these Poetic Gift Tags in my
Etsy Shop.
We chatted about colours, suggestions and I sourced the pretty paper she liked...
i even found a lovely vintage box to send them off in! sweet!

The Tags were for the table setting and I wish both Tara and her fiance all the very best on their special day...

February 6, 2012

A Week of Love: Boy + Girl + Bike
...goofy fun!

* Top - via Google images
*bottom image - Nick Scott

February 4, 2012

A week of Love - Edible gifts
the idea of giving an edible gift always pops up around Christmas time but what better way to show someone you care any time of the year!...and who wouldn't appreciate something delicious to eat!
they'll love you forever!

Top - Cinnamon rolls in a vintage tin, styled by piewacket
Middle - Walnut Pesto from Kissmyspatula
Bottom - Lemon loaf from Glorious Treats for The Twinery

February 2, 2012

A Week of Love: The Vintage Photobooth

The instant Photobooth has made a huge comeback lately, you'll find them at parties, weddings and in at your local shopping centre...
but aren't these vintage photobooth pics super?!

there's some great found images shared on flickr
and there's even a 'Vintage Photobooth' Tumblr page - love it!!

even a future President and his girlfriend Jackie had a quick snap....

February 1, 2012

A Week of Love: Summer Love

Just as I did the first week of February last year,
I'll be posting a 'Week of Love'
posts to celebrate upcoming Valentines Day....
Spread the Love people!!

I heart this fashion layout - its superfun with its cute retro feel...a love date at the beach!

Photos by Jamie Beck (she's amazing!)
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