July 31, 2009

EyeSpy Beauty The theme this week was was 'Beauty' and so i instantly thought of visual beauty.

My flickr favourites are a great source of inspiration to me and when i have some time on my hands I love to ponder other flickr friends' favs too - i think you can tell a lot about a person from what they mark as a favourite.... some prefer raw and organic images, others love texture, crisp photgraphy, others food and nature... me? i like a good mix of feminine, pastel, floral, homey, cute, pretty, quirky....
you can see all the details of my Flickr mosaic here

July 29, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday
it seems ive totally neglected my blog this week!
hope to get back into giving it more attention, its been such a busy week and Im really looking forward to my day off tommorow!

...but here's my Wishlist Wednesday (even though its Thursday!)
I was chatting to a friend about 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' the other day so the film has been on my mind....this week's picks all have a vintage feel about them

July 24, 2009

An Inspiration Kick....

From fashion page to paper goodies - i like this little challenge i give myself...sometimes you just need a little kick to get you going!

anyone else dig these dotty jeans? i wouldnt pay $200+ for them though ...looks like a fun DIY project!

*Top image from Grazia

*Retro gift tags in my shop now

July 22, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - Christmas in July DUST team extravaganza!!!

The DUST team (Down under street team) over at Etsy is having a Christmas in July sale this weekend 25-26th July!!
some of the Etsy shops have started their sale already
(me! me!) so here is a sample of the lovely things made 'down under' - you can check out the whole list of shops HERE

Beautiful prints from IshandChi

Bags, prints and cute Coinpurses by PocketCarnival

and lovely
greeting cards from

loads of bargains to be found - the whole list HERE

July 20, 2009

EyeSpy...something I should use
ive got so much red & white bakers twine - this is me hugging my big spool!
i have some listed in my shop

and its been quite popular, its so versatile and everyone likes it!!
I need to start thinking of ways to use it myself...i think it would be very useful for Christmas this year.
I wouldnt normally think of Christmas so early but someone asked me what papergoods I was planning to offer for Christmas so better get my thinking cap on!!
Thanks to BirdBath for this week's EyeSpy theme
and to Cindy for being our host!

July 19, 2009

Joan Walsh Anglund love and My Giveaway winner!!!

As you all know I love love vintage childrens books...so i was really excited when someone used the image I posted here & on flickr and turned it into a lovely embroidery.
Its looks so darling dont you think?!

'Childhood is a Time of Innocence' by Joan Walsh Anglund
embroidery by GlazedAngel101

Joan has many flickr fans who probably loved her books as much as me - there is even a flickr group, my favourite would have to be this image, i love it!

and now to my Giveaway winner!! i got a number using Random.org and got 115!
my 115th follower is artist Jan Allsopp so congratulations Jan!
i will be doing a giveaway again some time soon so stay tuned! Just sharing the love.....

July 18, 2009

A Girl and her dog....
are you a dog loving girl or do you prefer cats, birds or hamsters?
Im actually a little scared of dogs ...i got bitten by a teeny weeny dog a few years back so thats made me even more nervous
but i do love these layouts from Anthropologie...dogs should never be a fashion accessory though but when teamed with lovely boots and pretty clothes it must make people think - who's that girl?
my friend Tammy sent me over a bunch of Anthropologie catalogues over from the USA and I do love the shops style so much ...its good that we dont have it here in Australia, i think Id be broke!
Happy Saturday everyone!

July 15, 2009

EyeSpy: My favourite Children's party game
These party illustrations are so colourful!
i dont actually remember my mother having organised games for our parties, she was busy preparing food as we'd always have a table full of good things to eat!
but Id have to say my favourite childrens party game would be
Musical Chairs
and Pass the Parcel
Thanks to Kirstie for this weeks fun theme and to Cindy for hosting each week!
*images from MillieMott's Flickr stream

July 12, 2009

Two months until our trip to NYC

....and the countdown begins, i cant wait now, i really need a holiday...the weekend just flew by and its back to work already!

here is stylish Holly GoLightly hailing a NYC taxi
there have been so many films and TV series set in New York City, i hope we can come across some filming in action when we are over there!

'Breakfast at Tiffanys' is always a favourite as is 'Moonstruck' , Ive seen that so many times!
rember 'Fatal Attraction'?...that was set in the Meat packing district and the light hearted film 'You've Got Mail' shows scenes of the Upper West side.
there's Woody Allen films, Saturday Night Fever, Working Girl, West Side Story, The Godfather, King Kong, Ghostbusters....the list is long!
do you have a favourite? let me know!!

July 10, 2009

Last week I won a suprise giveaway from the lovely SophismPress who sent me a wonderful parcel of goodies.... magazines, a gorgeous print of her artwork 'Stargazing' and a copy of 'The Secret Garden' which is one of my favourite children's books.
All these lovely goodies for just being a follower of her blog! how lucky am I?

then today I got an email telling me I won another giveaway!
two vouchers from two beautiful Etsy shops!
Thanks so much to Rachel of The Ardent Sparrow!
She is having a blog giveaway every day this week! go check it out!

Well im feeling the love so I want to send some back too!
Next week I will draw a name from my blog followers and the winner will win a parcel of paper goods made by me!
Just a small way to say Thanks!

Today it felt so good to finally have a day off - work is super crazy right now!
This morning I got to meet a twitter friend and blogger who owns PaperMagnolia.
They are currently having a warehouse sale so if you're in Sydney go have a look- I got some lovely things like these 'Thank You' note cards, they are so pretty!

Mid Term School holidays start next week so both my boys are excited and tonight Andrew and I are off to an 80's night fund raiser!
should be a fun(ny) night out!

July 8, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - small delights!

Blushing bobby pins by TheArdentSparrow

Apple Stickers by Littlebirdtoo

Whimsical paper weights by Unicornkidstudios

all so very sweet!

for more Wishlist Wednesday posts check out Carley's blog to see who is playing along!

July 7, 2009

its freezing in Sydney! my fingers and toes are almost frozen and im trying so hard to keep warm!
I did drag myself to Jazzercise tonight and was a little embarrassed to find a full class...i almost convinced myself that no one does excercise during winter!
Last week i popped into Spotlight who were having a crazy 2 day sale and found some lovely wool - i have no idea what Im going to crochet yet but I thought since I bought this fun brooch,
' I heart to crochet' from SophieIsobel a few months ago
i had better get stuck into a new winter project!
I love the look of THIS
and the whole 'granny a day' flickr group is inspiring, they've probably all warming up under their granny square throws already!

What about this cute Crochet dress featured in last months Vogue!
yes, crochet is in Vogue people!
i think the squid hat is adorable too...or is that an octopus?

July 3, 2009

The Lilac Dress....

This beautiful image styled by Emily McGregor
inspired my latest card 'The Lilac Dress'....i love getting a burst of inspiration from beautiful images!
I read the other day (yes, all the wacky stories are coming out now) that Michael Jackson paid a brain guru $300,000 to get his creative juices flowing .... we could have just steered him to Flickr or the wonderful world of blogs, so much eye candy and the cost is free!

July 2, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - Garden party

okay its Thursday so im a bit behind,
but hope you enjoy my weekly picks!

Arty Skirt
by PinkLizzySews

one of a kind blue & white dress by Cristinapires

Fabric Brooch - Eliza
by RubyJo

For more Wishlist Wednesday posts check out Carley's blog to see who is playing along
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