September 30, 2009

I heart New York city....
We're back!!!
We've been home for 3days now but I cant seem to handle long flights anymore.... once you pass the International Date line a whole day from your life just disappears and im sure its taken every ounce of my energy along with it
so both Andrew and I have been catching up on lots of sleep hitting the pillow as early as 8.30pm and trying to deal with jetlag!

I also got back to a house full of red dust from the freaky dust Storm that hit Sydney last week, so I spent the first day back dusting, wiping and mopping every visible surface as well as doing lots of laundry and spending time with our boys whom we missed SO SO much - lots of hugs and kisses!

what a busy 2 weeks in New York City - Wow...... what a place!
The city has such a pulse, such an intensity to it, so much going on, people everywhere, traffic streaming down its long avenues, cars honking all day all night, traffic lights that pedestrians simply ignore (who wants to waste a few minutes waiting for the light to change!), food carts on every corner, Police and security and sirens blaring, bewildered tourists trying to read their maps, dog walkers, beautiful parks that offer a quiet oasis amongst the noise, joggers pounding the pavements with a zest for had a gritty feel to it with specks of beauty in its parks and pretty street planters, patriotic USA flags and gorgeous flower stalls outside local convenience stores.
Its definetely a work hard (lots of sleepy commuters on the trains) and play hard lifestyle was a constant Go, Go, Go for us and quite overwhelming.... we were rushing around uptown, downtown as fast as the locals do - no relaxing holiday thats for sure and my 3 pairs of worn in shoes didnt work out as well as I thought - my feet were killing me every single day ...but we both loved it and had a brilliant time and got to see so much and eat delicious things and meet some lovely people!

I took lots of pictures but there's nothing like being there and experiencing the noise, smells, excitement of the city coming alive......

September 10, 2009

So long everyone - we're off first thing in the morning!

Just wanted to say Goodbye and I look forward to catching up when we get back in 2 weeks time....

Big hugs from me to You!

*image via Rhiannonmars' flickr set - vintage Childrens illustrations *

September 9, 2009

comfort or style

can you have both?
yes? No?....maybe

when it comes to travelling and shoes, comfort is definetely the best option.
Firstly i dont want to overpack (ive learnt that lesson many times and Im not going to repeat my mistakes)
so Im limiting myself to 3 pairs
*worn in flats with a sturdy sole
*worn in low wedged leather peep toes for evening
and worn in plain white converse sneakers

'worn in' is the key word here....i thought about buying some new flashy ballet flats to take but i know my feet, they'd be squriming trying to get used to their new protectors, crying for rest and a little love and while its a great excuse to sit at a local cafe and people watch I wont have time to deal with sore feet!
Im sure I'll be doing some shoe shopping over there anyway...
Last night I was checking out 'Roof top bars and eateries in NYC' but Ive just looked at the 10day weather forecast and looks like lots of rain ahead ....oh well, one thing you cant change or control is the weather - lets go with the flow!

*illustrations by me
Spring in your step and Beatnik dance*

September 8, 2009

4 days to go....

and we're off on our trip to New York!

It feels like its been ages when we first booked our tickets but these last few weeks have come so fast Im feeling very unorganised, a little stressed ... plus im worried about leaving the boys, although they seem very excited about their own little holiday with their grandparents!

ive got my (long) lists of things to see and do...its also fashion week when we're there and they've started filming the new 'Sex and The city' movie so i'll be on the look out for film crew...i think im going to drive Andrew crazy with excitement haha ....
have a FAB day everyone!

*lovely pics from Google images*

September 5, 2009

Twin Beds...
both my boys currently share a room and i love that they chat before dozzing off.
Peter always sleeps 5 seconds after hitting the pillow, Neo my little one takes much longer ...singing, tossing, turning, asking for water
... again in the morning their conversation amongst each other wake me up....
My sister and I shared a room until i was 15 - we did go through the 'this is my space and you're not allowed over this line' stage but looking back now it was fun to have some one to talk to late into the night, we also had matching bedspreads that we'd change with each season.

Some of these twin rooms are great for a 'guest room' but which home has a spare room that isnt cluttered? our spare room/study is bursting at the seams and always needs a good clean out!

Its Fathers Day over here in Australia today - happy day to all the dads! we're off to a lunchtime BBQ at my parents and then evening dinner with my inlaws!
have a fabulous day everyone!!

*Top image via Flickr
*middle image - Domino magazine
*Bottom image - Country Living magazine

September 4, 2009

The Goddess

This was the theme for 'A Fashionable Challenge' a couple of week's back.
I wanted my goddess to look like she was from another time, another place....

The tiny Island of Cyprus where my family originates is known as the Island of love .....
legend has it Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love
rose from the sea foam and its where she spent her days chasing (stalking) her Adonis and seducing him with her love and beauty....

Near the undeveloped rocky west coast of the island there is a natural grotto, 'the baths of Aphrodite'... tourists flock there as its magic waters will give you eternal beauty...

I miss Cyprus, i miss its beauty, its friendly locals, the sunshine, the stunning beaches...most of all I miss my grandparents. My mother is flying over there next month to spend some time with her parents, im really happy she is going, she needs to be with them and they need her right now as well....

*Top illustration by me
*Middle - Italian Vogue
*Bottom - USA Vogue

September 3, 2009

A little feel of Spring

Looking forward to a new season!

Details of the mosaic can be found here in my Flickr

have a wonderful day!

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