January 31, 2010

Just a minute in January

- Just finished 'My family and Other Animals' by Gerald Durell (Pip's book club) - thoroughly enjoyed it...i wanted it to keep going!!
Im also reading 'How to raise boys' by Steve Biddulph
Drinking - Water....i need to send myself reminders, im so bad at drinking water. I also had my first taste of 'V' Energy drink a couple of weeks ago ...no gush of energy though.
Eating - Fresh figs from my parents garden and I currently have slow cooked Lamb with Potatoes and Peas in the oven (dinner).
I also made Chocolate & Almond Toffee bars today
Making - Dress tags for an order, Birdy Napkin holders for my shop and trying to catch up on my illustration challenges.
I also want to start crocheting granny squares for a winter throw - not enough time in the day!
Watching - 'The City' on MTV (is it really a reality show?? its way too staged/perfect) , The Australian Open...January is all about Tennis!
Loving - currently loving this slip dress and ive been loving this silkscreen print for a while now...

January 28, 2010

back home now
beach holidays are always fun - we had a wonderful time!
gorgeous beach house, stunning view....lots of swimming and eating and plenty of relaxing!

Andrew went back to work yesterday, Peter's back at school today, and Neo starts school for the first time tommorow...work for me on Monday so all back to normal in our household!

January 20, 2010

A little getaway
Tonight we are off to the beach for 5 days of sun (with sunblock and sunhat of course)
Im looking forward to a little outdoor fun, relaxation, BBQs on the deck and hope to catch up on some drawing, reading and just chilling... and if I knew how to play the guitar Id be singing too haha....
have a great week ahead and see you when I get back!!
I'll also be doing a Januray giveaway - a little 'Thank you' to all my blog followers

oh and a little shout out to the gorgeous
who is getting married this weekend - all the best sweet girl!!

oh oh I forgot to tell you - I got my top braces off this week!! Yayyy...im so happy!! two years went by real fast...the bottom ones come off in 2mnths time!
Wishlist Wednesday:
Who said Beige was boring?

romantic summer dress by MyLolaFashions

Gwendolyn Natural Vine Crown by Whichgoose

Original - Little Miss by Corid

beautiful beige tones!
Top image by Ellen Von Unwerth
and for more
wishlist Wednesday - check out Carely's blog

January 19, 2010

Award season
Last night I settled in and watched The Golden Globes - i love escaping for 2-3hours engrossed in a good movie or tuning in to see a good drama TV series (Mad Men!) so the award shows are always a treat .... of course its great to see all our favourite celebs styled up for the night!

I was thrilled to see British actress Carey Mulligan nominated for her lead role in
'An Education' - this was the last film i saw at the cinema ( i need to get out more) , we were actually going to see Michael Moore's, Capitalism: A Love Story
but they had taken it off that week and replaced it with 'An Education'
no loss as we all really enjoyed this coming of age movie which is based on a true story.
Carey didnt win last night but the film is definetely worth watching if you get a chance!
*here are some visual scenes from 'An Education' found on google images*

January 16, 2010

Colour Inspiration: Black + Floral

Some colour inspiration via this lovely image found on the Urban Outfitters website (such a pretty blouse...)
my latest two cards - I hope to list these in the shop soon along with some new tags!
Have a fun Saturday everyone!

January 13, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: Beautiful Murk

Nani Iro Fuccra floral cushion cover -
by Plusonedesign

small scallop bowl by ElementClayStudio

A BoldDrift - by Benconservato

Wishlist Wednesday is back in 2010
for more posts - check out
Carley's lovely blog to see who is playing along!

*Top image from Conde Nast*

January 12, 2010

all hot and not bothered....
...im home today with the Air Conditioner going - its unbearably hot outside today
so we stayed home
I crafted a little and the boys played computer games and bothered each other silly ...we made banana milkshakes and ate leftovers for lunch and now I have to think about dinner and Im just not bothered - will cold tuna salad do?

im working on some Valentines Day cards and Bird Song tags....
what did you get upto today?

January 8, 2010

Putting it out there....
so i dont really have a New Year resolution but what we do have is a plan, a goal...a dream...
and thats to find a new house to call home -
im hoping this is the year!
so this is me putting it out there and hoping something spectacular comes along!
Wish us luck!
*images from Australian House & Garden - beautiful fresh and unfussy rooms - lovely!!*

January 5, 2010

Sweet treats in NYC...

im in an 'Empire State of Mind' (love that song!)
as Ive been reminiscing about our trip to NYC whilst (finally) uploading all my pictures onto Flickr.

Did I mention how obessed NYC is with their cupcakes...there's cute cupcake shops enticing you in with the smell of something delicious and long lines of people (it must be good!)
their nolstagic interior details have you believe you're in nanna's kitchen and she is baking just for you and only you!

we had to try 'Magnolia Bakery' (as you do when in NYC),
there's 'Crumbs' and 'Babycakes' which offer sugar free & gluten free varieties.
I adored Billy's Bakery in Chelsea - the pics here are at Billy's - the frosting corner was so fun to watch!
But there's other sweet treats that we discovered too - Eleni's cookies
at Chelsea Markets ( too elegant to eat),
Doughnut Plant for yeasty treats and Amy's Bread which had a tiny shop around the corner from the apartment we were renting

There was also 'Milk & Cookies' - we discovered this cute shop whilst doing a 3 hour
'food tour of Greenwich Village' - the tour was SO fun, we highly recommend it to anyone planning a visit to the big apple!
i wanted to try traditional New York treats too so visited H&H Bagels and across the road to Zabars for breakfast some mornings.
oh it was all so much fun...last September seems so long ago - now all is left is our photos and lovely memories
...anyway here I am, trying to detox from Sugar after the festive season and all im thinking about is cupcakes and cheesecake
ha...think i will go make some black tea!

January 3, 2010

Inspired by a box

are you a sucker for beautiful packaging?
well i am!
this lovely box of soap was part of a birthday parcel sent to me by my darling friend Tammy who is always so super kind and generous and
has the most exquisite taste (and style!) ...the box and soap inside were so beautiful,
the floral scent is divine....

it totaly inspired me to sit and create this collage card this afternoon
' a girl named Lily'

January 1, 2010

About Me!

Hello, I'm Anastasia from Sydney, Australia.
Welcome to my blog,
'Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming', a place where I share my inspirations, creative people, beautiful interiors, wonderful crafts, some of my drawings and lovely bits of handmade.

I'm a mum to two very active boys and wife to a supportive husband.  Life can get crazy busy but I make sure my family comes first!
I work part time in Finance so on my days off I walk my boys to school (love that!) get back home and make sure I spend my day creatively.
I love to paper craft and I’m most happy creating and making paper goods for my Etsy shop 'Percival Road Designs'.

I also enjoy crocheting, illustrating especially fashion illustration and I collect vintage children’s books -  the illustrations are SO darling!
You’ll also find me in my kitchen a lot!  cooking & baking (...my cookbook collection is getting a little out of hand!)
I love flea markets and cozy cafes, rice pudding and lots of honey in my tea!

I do hope you'll stop by often!

Favorite Colour: Purple 
Favorite Animal: Giraffe 
Tea or Coffee: Tea in the morning (and night) and Coffee during the day
Favorite Movie: Love Actually
Favorite Accessory:  my engagement and wedding rings
Favorite Flower: Gardenia
Morning or Night: Trying very hard to become a morning person- I get more done!
Inspired by: Creative people
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite City: London, New York and Sydney

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