April 26, 2011

Creative Inspiration: from bedroom decor to paper goods

i love a little creative challenge especially on rainy days like today!
i have a folder full of magazine clippings, images that inspire, that Id like to keep for future reference, to dream about or that I just cant throw away - I found this image, a serene bedroom featured in Australian Home Beautiful magazine
in my pile of pretties.
Its simple and unfussy but i love the pop of colour on the pillows nestled amongst the beige, cremes and taupes, the large mirror bouncing off beautiful sunlight - really pretty!

It inspired some Gift tags I made. I used textured vintage wallpaper that reminded me of the bedspread. I also used some waxy watercolour pencils to draw some flowers....they turned out cute!
What do you think?

*image from Home Beautiful and Gifttags in my shop now

April 24, 2011

Easter 2011
Happy Easter!
no spare time this past week led to a little blogging break - its been busy with Easter prepartions and I try to keep up with the customs and traditions that were special to me growing up...here are some of my favourites.
Traditional Flaounes (Cheese pies) - these take such a long time to prepare and bake but 'oh so worth it'.
My husbands Uncle owns a Greek cake shop and they make hundreds of these every Easter for their shop along with all the custom orders they receive
but for me there is nothing like the rustic look and delicious taste of home-made pies...

Dying Eggs - the Greek tradition is to dye them deep red (signifies Christ's blood) but this year I experimented with purple and yellow - i used half of the dye only and added more water and vinegar -I loved the splotchy lilac purple shade, the yellow not so much...

Royal Easter Show - we go every year...im worse than a kid! i love everything about the show...the animals, arts & crafts, fun rides, the greasy fair food!

Easter feast - Easter Sunday is all about family and food! im still digesting lunch...normally Greeks will fast for 40 days leading upto Easter but i just cut out meat for the week before.

My lovely Sister in law Freda hosted Easter lunch this year, a slow leisurely lunch that lasted for 5 hours....

so year after year i hope some of these traditions that i love, become family favourites for my boys too!

April 18, 2011

i do hope you all had a lovely weekend!

we had a busy one catching up with friends, exchanging Easter cookies, chocolates and gifts for the little ones -i do love Easter, its one of my favourite celebrations.

Thursday will be spent baking Easter treats ...we always make traditional Greek Cheese pies, plaited breads and baked Easter baskets - my mum is always so organised buying her ingrediants way in advance so my sister and I are happy to help out.

Its always an early start and my dad has freshly made coffee ready to go ...by mid morning the house is warm and smelling amazing!

we always cut up a warm pie from the first batch and share it ...someone has to taste test right?

hot cheesy pie straight out of the oven, - delicious!

i found these images on pinterest - Im loving pale powedery tones in these home - elegant, beautiful and very calm...

top image: Domino magazine, bottom image - India Hicks at home in the Bahamas

April 13, 2011

A Girl called Caitlin
ive been wanting to post all week...my little ones are on school holidays and i cant get away from them! ha-ha, its been crazy at our house and we still have another week to go! help. anyway...Im here now!

Its time to meet another Creative girl and today im featuring Australian artist and illustrator Caitlin who i first came across over at Flickr ages ago - her illustrations just blew me away and she's so talented - im a huge fan!
Caitlin also runs two Etsy shops, blogs and is currently part of the exhibition 'This little teapot' at Paper plane gallery in Rozelle.

Welcome Caitlin! Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you?
pressed flowers,
betty boop cartoons,
scott pilgrim,
art deco, black dresses,
the future.

Name 3 things you couldnt live without right now?
my bed,
my diary and peaches.

Can you define to us, your personal style?

I love 1950's fashions - so my wardrobe is full of vintage dresses or repro styles with nipped in waists and voluminous skirts.
I tend to wear alot of black and i am amassing a collection of ferragamo shoes because they are the best! I also like to wear wine red lipstick and tacky/playful jewellery with plastic gemstones.

Do you have a favourite colour (or colour combinations)?
blush pink,
duck egg blue and deep purple.

Favourite Smell/Frangrance? Peaches, Toffee apples,
mexican food,

What do you love about your City?
I live in a beachside suburb - and the things i like are the ocean, the wildlife, the abundance of trees and the sunlight.

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster's autobiography. - Federico Fellini

Thanks Caitlin! to see more of Caitlin and her work head on over to her Blog.

Caitlin is also on Flickr and sells her Art prints over at her Esty shop .

She also has a fun vintage shop at Etsy called 'Tap Shoes'.

April 11, 2011

Easy peasy mini brownies
Last week i spotted this brownie recipe over at the lovely blog savory sweet life - not only did they look delicious (beautiful photos) but there only 4 ingrediants, the main one being Nutella! ohhh thought me ...perfect!!

i love love Nutella. nutty sweet goodness! I can eat it by the spoon straight from the jar ...and I have! im sure im not the only either ha-ha.... so i made a batch and they were a hit! so easy...ready in 12mins! serve warm....delicious!

April 7, 2011

New issue of Toffee is out!!

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute some paper craft projects for Issue 2 of

Toffee magazine - the bonus printable papers are so lovely and I kept my tutorials fun and simple ...you can see a sneak peak below.

The latest Toffee magazine is another fantastic issue and only $2.99 to download to read over and over!

Lots of crafty creative projects, baking , inspiring interviews and a great read!

Get your copy today!!

April 5, 2011

Etsy picks of the week: Black Lace beauty
feeling a little moody with Black lace this week but you cant deny its beauty and web-like intricate detail...ive always loved lace and have a few lace pieces in my wardrobe - its a classic! ...heavy or fine & delicate...black lace beauty indeed! Carman Kass by Koray Birand * Anemone Black Lace necklace by StitchedFromTheHeart * Chantilly Lace Notecards by Smilelifestyle * Antique Lace Mantilla by Laboheme

April 3, 2011

Time to myself always feels very indulgent...I feel a little guilty but I quickly get over that as its so easy to think we don't deserve it or could be doing something else with our time. I generally give a lot of myself to others - my boys and hubby are my number one priority, my home, our extended family and friends too, so I think its important for some time just for ME!

So my Friday was very indulgent in that I booked myself in for a Thai massage, it was pretty stressful getting there as I was amongst peak hour traffic which is getting kind of cr-aaazy in Sydney lately! (note to self, avoid peak hour anything!) ...the massage was not the relaxing kind but i felt so invigorated afterwards.

The lovely staff offered me some herbal tea when it was over but I politely declined and ran down the street looking for a strong coffee!..ha-ha

Once I got home I made myself a simple lunch, ignored the housework and sat down to enjoy Holly Becker's new book 'Decorate' which arrived during the week.

Its so lovely and heavy and thick just like a decorating book should be!! I can see it easily becoming one of my favourites - so full of information, ideas and beautiful images - it features so many different decor styles space by space! I bought mine from Book depository online which offers free postage worldwide on all its books. I also loved the European cover of 'Decorate'... Holly is always an inspiration - her blog and her new book is fantastic!!
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