January 31, 2008

An End and a New beginning!

Well January has come to an end - how fast was that!?
I'll have to take my January 08 page down from my inspiration board - this page designed by Craftlog.org
was the last page in the 'Design a Calendar' project I was involved in last year....onto Febraury the month of LOVE!

New Beginnings for my Peter - today he started school!!
he was a little quiet and shy of his new teacher but Im sure he's having a good time whilst Im at home entertaining his little brother....
Neo keeps asking where Peter is, awww he must miss him!

I was suprised to see Justine Clarke, the actress/children show host also there with her little girl ...wow we have a celebrity in the area! My boys adore her songs and love dancing along with her on TV but didnt recognise her in the flesh....Andrew and I were star struck though... haha!

January 29, 2008

It started with a long walk......
Saturday morning I decided to meet my friend for a long walk in our neighbourhood...its been a while- Im so unfit... (so bad!) 40mins later up the hills I was dying...how bad is that? for my age - Very!! We got back to the local cafe and I couldnt wait to sit and have a cappucino...'lets have coffee back at your place, that way I can see the boys too' my friend suggested...huh? not fair......
and so my busy weekend began ...Saturday was also 'Australia Day' so our local council had arranged for some fun celebrations at a local park - free amusement rides, vintage car displays ( total cool!) free camel rides, free hot dogs, how wonderful - who gets anything for free these days? !! guess Mr Mayor was been generous spending some of our council rate payments! It was a hot hot day...i slathered on the sunblock and still managed to burn...a red patch right on my shoulders - ouch!
early that evening we headed down to ChinaTown for a quick dinner - i had to have my favourite...combination noodle soup - THIS is fast food people!...good...healthy...comforting...delicious fast food!
we then walked (my legs were very sore!) to Darling Harbour to see the night fireworks - Happy Australia Day!!
Sunday morning I made an upside down plum cake as my parents had invited us for lunch...it was a flop, didnt rise and crumbled in chunks - it looked okay but it was semi-cooked...blah! so out comes the ricotta cheese, frozen puff pastry - add some sugar and cinnamon and you have Ricotta triangles! they went down well with short blacks after our 'Australia Day' Barbeque....Monday morning, my legs were now killing me, sore tight muscles...ouch! ouch! sore shoulders Ouch!
and off we go driving 40mins to a small little farm on the outskirts of Sydney ...we went looking to buy Prickly Pears but were told to come back next week so instead we bought runner beans and spinach...
that night we drove to a nearby beach and walked some more - it was a perfect way to end a busy weekend, so many people out and about, others swimming and playing volleyball... enjoying the evening ...
This morning I woke up with itchy spots - just like small mosquito bites , I have no idea what they are....was it from the beach? or the farm.....so here I am covered in calamine lotion with sore legs and sore shoulders.....

one more day of work yeahhh for short working weeks!

January 27, 2008

This is....what scares me!

ive been known to double or triple check that everything is switched off before I leave the house or at night when we close up for sleep and even then I convince myself Ive left the oven on or something silly like that ...and go and re-check....i always sleep with my keys nearby....if im out walking and see a ciggarette butt on the ground I have to step on it - just in case ....
We also have a fire escape plan on paper and in my head - i think its good for every home to have one...

For more This is....posts check out Angela's blog

* This is New York by M Sasek
I bought some of his books recently from Amazon - i love them! a great buy!

January 25, 2008

Some awards and a FAB gift!

When I got back home from our trip i found these beauties in the mail! my gorgeous friend Tammy had this stunning Ali J print sent for my birthday!! Months ago I was telling Tammy that I loved this particular 'Are you looking at Me' print and it means so much that she remembered! Ali sent me a smaller print too - so generous! they are going up on my walls soon!

I got awarded two blogging awards! the lovely Allison gave me a 'Thinkers Blog Award' and sweet Cindy gave me a 'You Make me Smile' award...Thanks girls! it means a lot!!! everyone's comments mean a lot to me too - even though Ive been blogging for a while now, i still get a thrill when I read people's comments on my posts!

Im going to list 5 blogs that get me thinking and who also make me smile MartaWrites - she writes so beautifully, have a look and Im sure you'll agree

Decor8 - stunning interiors and FAB interviews with creative gals!

Natasha Burns - Art and fun fun fun!

Amisha's heavenly Days - beautiful thoughts and such a sweetheart!

and Jungle Dream Pagoda is always fun - vintage fashions galore, you'll always have a ball when you visit!

Last night we went to see 'The Police' reunion tour - it was fantastic!!! the crowd was electric...Sting came out with a full grown beard, he's been up at Byron Bay all month so I guess enjoying the Australian beach and chilled out lifestyle! I had such a good time...now Im hanging out for George Michael to come and tour and then all my teenage music fantasies will be satisfied!

Ive been working on Valentine's Day cards for a swap and I will also be making more goodies for Meet Me At Mikes store....busy weekend ahead!

January 22, 2008

This is....My Favourite Cup

My current favourite - I found it in Target on sale for $2.00 a while ago and its quickly turned into a favourite...i like that its a small cup so I can have a quick cuppa before I leave home for work and another quick cuppa whilst preparing dinner....

When I first met my husband he claimed he only drank tea if he was sick with a cold (huh?) but every night we now finish off the day with a nice warm cup of tea...its the best! For more Favourite Cups visit Angela's blog!

I actually spotted these Mozi mugs on sale today - how cute are they?

January 21, 2008

Illustration Friday - Plain

Growing up Jane was always considered 'Plain Jane' - she was invisible to the popular kids and ignored a lot but suprisingly now as a young woman she got lots of compliments on her 'style' and 'look' just yesterday whilst waiting at the bus stop, she had her photo taken by The Sartorialist!! Fancy that?!

January 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home....

We're back from our trip! we had such a great time but it feels so good to be home again too.
No matter how much fun you're having its great to be back to your familiar surroundings isnt it?....even my boys got excited to see their toys and books and to sleep in their own beds!
but we had a FAB time up north...it was hot and humid and every night it would rain - very tropical!
We swam everyday and ate icecream every night, I even finished my current read 'Suite Francaise' - what a great book!!

it felt like half of Sydney was there - we met up with 4 families we knew and one night we booked a table for 18, Im sure the restaurant was happy to have us but regretted letting us in once all the kids got together! we were so loud!
Its been a little hard getting into the new year - January is always a strange month ...i have much to do around the house, dusting, washing, packing away...you know the usual stuff...Im ignoring my ironing basket - Im trying to convince myself its not there ....have a Fun Weekend!!

* images from Holly Hobbie's 'Around the House' book

January 9, 2008

and we're off.....

We are heading north to the Gold Coast for a week of fun at the beach....See you when I get back!!!


* Image from Marie Claire Australia*
I love the nautical look!

January 6, 2008

Fresh Start....

Thank you all so much for your sweet birthday wishes, all your comments mean so much and Im thrilled about turning 37 !!!...(note to self: do not scrutinize your face so close to the bathroom mirror….laugh lines are good!)

Hey ive missed you all!
I was forced to take a blogging break as we’re busy putting our little house back in order – the paintings done and the house looks like its had a facelift…its been very tiring on all of us though and on Thursday we are heading north for a week at the beachside – I cant wait!!!

Ive spent the last few days decluttering – I have so much stuff!!
My spare room/ craft room/(dumping ground) was the main culprit …my magazine addiction is taking over…really taking over!
It’s okay to keep some favourite issues but do I really need 8 years worth of magazines ??(I’m not kidding!)
Will I ever go back to read that article, copy that hairstyle, cook that recipe? ….I don’t think so!!! so out they went …it was hard though….my spare room is looking mighty neat and tidy so that will make up for it I guess.

I don’t really like making resolutions but January is always good to have a think of some goals.
I hope to finally open an Etsy shop this year…ive been wanting to for ages but don’t do anything about it – its a little scary for me and I don’t know why - I just need to find the courage to go for it…do others have doubts or is it just me? Im only human I guess but I don’t want my insecurities holding me back.
Another thing I want to do is find time to draw more often.
For Christmas I got a beautiful book ‘Age of Feminine drawing’ which is so inspiring it deserves a blogging post of its own, apart from that it’s the usual - eat well, live well, love more, create more and take time to enjoy the simple things!
Have a fun day!!

* 50's Royal Pudin images from Flickr - arent they fun!*

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year....and 37 today!!!

Here's to a wonderful year ahead to everyone!
and another celebration - its my Birthday!
Im 37 today!!!
I cant wait to see what the year has stored for me!

We had a nice quiet day at the beach today after a late late night with friends waiting for the New Year to come in. Its so nice to feel the whole world wanting to celebrate with me heehee....
Last year I made myself a birthday banner, this year I didnt do anything, I didnt even bake a birthday cake so I'll leave you with a list (because I love writing lists!) of 37 favourite movies

The Breakfast Club
Pulp Fiction
Run Lola Run
City of God
Ferris Bueller's Day off
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Saturday Night Fever
Bridget Jone's Diary
To Kill a Mockingbird
Life is Beautiful
Pillow Talk
Witches of EAstwick
Pan's Labyrinth
Lock Stock and Two smoking barrels
Lost In Translation
The Green Mile
Moulin Rouge
Monsoon Wedding
House of Fog
Love Actually
The Wizard of Oz
All about my mother
The Hours
Little Miss Sunshine
Nine Queens
As good as it gets
Sound of Music
Dangerous Liasons
Devil Wears Prada
Risky Business
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