August 29, 2008

Love Fridays.....
I just wanted to thank you all for your supportive girls are the best!!
Im feeling so much better now, happy to have some days off before I head back to the office next week...

a quiet Friday today - a few loads of washing ...and I got to dry all my laundry outside in the sunshine...i can feel spring coming on!
I baked banana bread...we always have brown bananas by the end of the week.
I had a nice visit from my sister and I was even suprised by some happy mail from this lovely girl ...thanks SO much Cathy!!
I will share photos when I can start downloading my pics the meantime Im still raiding images from my flickr favs....

Top image from PrettyPetals
Middle image from SuzieDez
Bottom by Kandeland

August 27, 2008

a melt down...

what a day!
i had a total melt down at work today...Donald Trump said you should never cry in the workplace but he can go take a jump because I cried ....i couldnt hold it back - ive been so frustrated and it was simmering, boiling and today I couldnt take it anymore , I exploded!
my mascara ran everywhere, my contacts were foggy and even now i still have a headache...Ughhh! i dont know why i let work get to me!!
im cramming a full time role in part time hours and it feels like its never enough, never appreciated....

tommorow is another day....

I still cant download any of my photos so here are some lovely images
from Country Home
i hope to get time to visit you all soon....Hugs

August 25, 2008

This is my favourite Childhood book

Books books can I choose just one favourite childhood book??

*anything by Beatrix Potter - i loved Peter Rabbit and all his friends, always dressed so well too!

*anything by Beverly Cleary, Ramona and her adventures in Klickitat Street were so fun...i used to borrow these from my school library and bought all the old editions off Ebay...i love them!

*'My Naughty Little sister' series - another favourite...i still have a couple of these too!

*'Lisa and Lottie' by Erich Kastner

*and of course Milly Molly Mandy

i had my little stall at the school fete yesterday - im so happy it went well and I sold quite a bit too! very exciting!
i also got some great feedback and comments about my papergoods!! thats always nice.....
i hope to get my computer back tommorow felt like something was missing from my life haha!

thanks to Potty Mouth Mamma
for this week's topic and make sure to check out Angela's blog to see who is playing This is....
have a FAB start to the week everyone!!

August 22, 2008

Love Fridays

the lovely Cathy of BigCat Emporium hosts 'Love Fridays' where you can post about why you're loving your Friday...for me Fridays are always a treat as I have a day to myself (its pure bliss...i can hum and hear myself! i can sing loud and no one will cringe)
Today it hasnt stopped raining so Ive been crafting but got a little sidetracked (like you do) and thanks to Martha who tempts me every single day with her lovely morning

Cookie of The Day email, i spent the afternoon in the kitchen...i also made a mean lamb & vege stew with potato mash for dinner, i had the meat cooking and simmering away for over 3 hours...delicious!!

are well as Cookie of the day you can also get emails for

that Martha! what would we do without her! (image from Martha Stewart

August 21, 2008

Sophisticated Lady....

im home today with my little Neo...trying to craft since I have the school fete stall this Sunday but ive spent most of the morning telling Neo to sit he wants mummy to bake cupcakes!

You all know how much I love vintage images and style so i had to share a very inspiring blogger that I discovered a couple of months ago -
Lady Melbourne...she's one sophisticated looking lady and she sure knows how to style up the vintage pieces!!
i was so in awe of her style that I went back and read all her old posts!
When it comes to me, I dont do vintage very well...i always end up looking like a frumpy librarian!
Maybe I should experiment more...Lady Melbourne's posts sure help!!
i have a few members in my extended family that would be shocked to see me buying and wearing old clothes - Im sure we all do, but recycling fashion is a great way to get some unique looks dont you think?...

Top image from NormaValentine on Flickr
Middle Image from Vogue - CondeNast shop
Bottom image of Babe Paley found on google Images

“Babe Paley had only one fault,
She was perfect. Otherwise, she was perfect.” - Truman Capote

August 19, 2008

This is I spend my weekends
my computer is still getting fixed but here is my 'This is' post!!

I only work 3 days a week so Im lucky in that I have an extra long weekend but its always non stop & on the go in our household!
this weekend that just went by we celebrated my father in laws birthday on Saturday night and on Sunday my sister had us all round for a BBQ as it was my niece Stephanie's 11th we gathered with family and ate our way through it...(hey we're Greek, its what we do!)

every Saturday morning I go to Jazzercise class which I just love...its an very early morning class but such a good way to start the day!
Peter also has a soccer game (he scored his first goal last week!! woo! ) on Saturdays and so I usually cook a simple lunch once we get home and I spend the afternoon folding clothes, tidying up and doing housework - there's something satisfying about having a clean house ( it doesnt last that way too long!! )

we love going out for Brunch on Sundays, we tend to do that more in the warmer months but i really enjoy Cafe style breakfast meals as well as a good coffee (or two)...
we usually take the boys out on Sundays maybe to the park or to Coogee beach for a walk, to the Botanical Gardens or local duck pond...we always make the effort to do stuff otherwise its a Sunday wasted huh? Monday comes around really fast!..i like to cook something decent for Sunday night, otherwise its usually Thai takeout!

Thanks Bird Bath for a great topic this week and you can visit Angela's blog to see who else is playing This is....
i was going to post this week's 'This is' without any pictures but it just wouldnt feel right, so here are some beautiful images from stylist Lucyina Moodie via S.hopTalk blog - im yearning for brighter sunnier days!

August 15, 2008

Salad Days....

a quick post to say 'hello' (waves madly) computer is sick and out of action

ive been stealing time on Andrew's laptop, but I cant scan or download photos so my 'This is' post will have to wait until i get my computer back next week...

i hope to visit you all soon and I owe some of you emails too....

leaving you with some images of yesteryear from my Flickr favs...

have a fun day!!

August 13, 2008

childhood wonder......
i loved these girly rooms i spotted in some recent mags ... people take so much care to make kids rooms so beautiful these days!

quite funny when I think back to my own childhood bedroom....not magazine worthy thats for sure !!!

I had pale blue & cream scroll wallpaper that was old and tired & had probably been there way before my parents bought the little victorian house in inner city Stanmore...the walls were teamed with dark blue patterned vinyl flooring, a draby brown wardrobe & dresser and floral curtains that clashed so well with my hot pink duvet ...well it was the 70's after all and Im sure my parents didnt have a lot of spare cash to throw away on matching linen and redecorating.

It did get better as I grew up, the wall paper vanished to be replaced by pale peachy walls that eventually were coverd with posters of our favourite musicians
but you know even amongst the 'not so pretty looking ' bedroom I was happy...i have some FAB memories sharing a room with my sister, claiming our own side of the room, sharing clothes, playing, recording music on our cassette player, sticking up for each other...especially when we used to sneak in the hallway after bedtime to take a peek at a late show my parents were watching...
so even though we do our best to make our homes look beautiful, its not what really matters is it??
I dont think little kids will even know the difference if something looks out of place....haha having said that, my boys are currently going through an action hero phase and I cant stand licensed merchanside - who wants Spiderman all over their sweet room...heehee...

Top from UK 'House & Garden'
Bottom two from Australian 'Country Style'

August 10, 2008

This WIP
a great theme by Debbie of Kept in jar for this weeks 'This is '
Im currently working on Tags, tags and more fun tags....glue, flatten overnight, cut, add cute images, flatten again, punch hole, add ribbon and voila - they are ready!!
some will go down to Pips at 'Meet me at Mikes' and the rest will be for the Craft stall at my nieces school fete...2 weeks to go and i havnt really made much yet...frick! i always leave everything to the last minute! Im a slow slow crafter too.....

another WIP that has been hiding in a draw for a long long time ( so long that Im ashamed to say how long ) needlestitch project, almost finished now!!
For more This is posts check out Angela's lovely blog
Lookee here - my latest thrift find!!
a cute Holly Hobbie ring that left me $2 poorer!

August 9, 2008

Turn a Room into a Wedding...

a creative visual competition happening over at Coco+ Kelley

i thought id give it a go and enter - love making these mosaics on flickr!

have a
FAB Saturday everyone - see you tommorow for my 'This is....' post!

August 7, 2008

My Little Pony.....
some fashionable images from my clippings file... These remind me of a British girl, Gail whom I worked with when I lived in Cyprus. If she felt someone was being a little snobby she always use to say ' She's just a Horsey type....'
I think deep down she wanted to be a Horsey
type of girl...

Images: from Top - Mario Testino for UK Vogue, USA Glamour, Tim Walker for British Vogue, last two Australian Vogue

August 5, 2008

ive been tagged by two lovely girls, Flossy-P and VillaAnna to list 6 things about me. Ive done this a few times before so I'll just list random things
*i love vintage illustrated silhouettes

* Im super excited about the upcoming movie Australia
I cant wait to see the beautiful 40's inspired clothing and film set that Catherine Martin has created!! she is even bringing out her homewares range soon ...look at one of her gorgeous rugs! so whimsy and fun!
* the last movie I saw was 'Bridget Jones Diary - the Edge of Reason'....loved it and Colin Firth is definetely a hottie!!
Winter nights staying home in front of the box is the best!

* the last book I read was 'I know this much is true' by Wally Lamb...I couldnt put it down...sad but touching

* For dinner tonight we ate rissoles, steamed broccoli and snow peas and a coleslaw salad...all good!

* im really enjoy the british 7-Up series (show me a child at 7 and I will show you the man he will become ) re-runs air on Bio channel every Saturday ...guess it was one of the first reality shows when it aired in 1964 but this doco is interesting unlike the current reality crap...

Im going to tag the following lovely gals to list 6 pressure...only if you want to!
the Bird Bath , KatieCrakernuts, Lily and Agathe,
One Little Acorn, Petunia, Daisy in LaLa land

August 4, 2008

This is my trade secret.....
no big trade secrets but I try to have Balance in my life...taking a little time out for ME in a hectic day makes me a better mother, wife, and a happier more content person.
Baking is another thing i enjoy - It relaxes me!
I get my boys involved too and it always makes the house smell nice. My husbands Uncle owns a cake shop, a popular one too as its been featured in the Good Living section of the paper many times but I much prefer home made treats....most people do dont you think?!
this weekend I made chocolate caramel slice ( can you believe Im still melting chocolate easter eggs?) - the slice was perfect with an afternoon coffee...yum!
Being Creative - i tend to craft late at night but Im happy to be creating amongst my papers and craft supplies... fingers always sticky from glue (my favourite is the reliable UHU stick) so baby wipes nearby are handy whilst crafting!!
i love to surround myself with sweet things - ribbons, vintage images, ephemera, lace scraps ... my collection of vintage children books always make me smile.....
Finding Inspiration in the everyday ....beautiful visuals, wonderful blogs, random acts of Kindness, nature ...our world is a special place! now Im sounding kinda corny...heheee
* Caramal Slice on a thrifted floral plate
* My pink box of pretty things...
* Vintage British 1940's snap cards - a lovely Ebay win!

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